Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The beat was weak.

So the new iPods were announced today at Apple's "The Beat Goes On" event. Since my current iPod's storage capacity will be hitting critical mass soon, I was particularly interested. Well, color me a bit underwhelmed. The phone-less iPhone (a.k.a. the Touch) seems cool, what with the wifi and all, but the 16GB storage is a joke. It looks like the 160GB "iPod Classic" just may be a Christmas present to myself in a few months.

Oh, and for those that bought an iPhone within the last couple of months (before the announcement of today's $200 price drop): that's what you get for being rabid members of the Cult of Mac.


jasdye said...

i'm sure it was well worth it to many of them. and, personally, i thank them for desiring to be ground-level guinea pigs.

160 GIGAbytes?? holey schnikeys.

Anonymous said...

The Cult of Mac (along with service industry women) seems bent upon taking all of my money. I covet the new iMac something fierce and this new iPod classic looks like a must-have as well.

curse you, Steve Jobs!

Micah said...

jasdye - As people grow, so do their music collections. It only makes sense to bump up the storage.

reg - That's what you get for drinking the Kool-Aid. Don't forget to leave the money on the dresser for Jobs. (Did I just align cults with prostitution?)