Friday, September 14, 2007

Crush of the Week: Katrina Bowden

This week's Crush is actress Katrina Bowden, who plays admin assistant (or whatever) Cerie on "30 Rock". She is also the second most attractive woman on the show.

The marathon for this weekend is the first season of "30 Rock". So, when I'm not watching college football or shopping for lighter fluid for my new Zippo, I'll be taking in some Tina Fey goodness.


spydrz said...

I think this qualifies for reinstatement at THSE's blog.

Micah said...

Sho' 'nuff.

Anonymous said...

soon, my young scofflaw...soon you shall be re-invited to the fold.

oh yeah, nice choice.

Micah said...

I have dropped everything - work, family, friends, religion - waiting for access to your blog. I'll be ready for the call in a moment's notice.