Sunday, September 09, 2007

Crush of the Week: Monica Bellucci

This week's Crush is Italian actress Monica Bellucci.


Most folks 'round here will know her from the Matrix sequels. Her presence made them much more watchable.


spydrz said...

Worst. Movies. Ever.

Micah said...

I thought you were a part of the select few who had never seen any of the Matrix movies.

As for your claim, they weren't that bad (though they weren't great, either). Clearly, you've never seen the original Gone in 60 Seconds, Canadian Bacon, or Weekend at Bernie's.

jasdye said...

worst overhyped trilogy ever.

please do not forget her role as reformed prostitute with a heart of gold (is there any other kind?), Mary Magdelene in that sleeper of a ancient-language movie, The Passion of the Christ.

Micah said...

And she plays a prostitute in Shoot 'Em Up, which just opened this weekend. Typecasting? Hmmmmm.

And I'll give you that it was the most overhyped trilogy. Although, there were those pesky Star Wars prequels...

spydrz said...

Don't forget Cabin Boy.


Anonymous said...

Nice pick, this will look nice on your record. Definitely help with the appeal of your suspension from the IBHM.

The Matrix trilogy was indeed shit warmed over, but I have to cast my vote for the Star Wars prequels as the most overhyped shitefecta to ever grace the big screen. Case in point; beginning in 1986 the only future event that I looked forward to or even cared about as a lad was these films. Drivers license, prom, voting, buying booze legally, college, career, love, marriage...all that shit meant nothing to me. No, there was only the distant promise of a kick ass trilogy. And then one day, the wait was finally over...what I saw was not the "end all, be all." It was just lame. As were the second and third installments. My adulthood hinged upon the awesomeness of those's no wonder I'm completely maladjusted now.

Curse you, George Lucas.

Micah said...

spydrz - I could never forget about Cabin Boy.

reg - I had devised Monica as this week's Crush a couple of days before my membership was revoked, so I knew I had this ace up my sleeve.

Remember when we went shopping for Darth Maul action figures? Ah, youth.

jasdye said...


you've definitely made your case there. and at least the first matrix movie (sans monica, btw) was good, only letting down significantly since then.

the whole sw prequels universe only consisted of a couple cool set pieces and a whole lotta crap.

although i think the third installment was a nice bit of evil. still, it was no hans solo getting frozen blind after being betrayed by his best friend in a vegas on the clouds!

Anonymous said...

ahhh micah, you are a sneaky one indeed. nonetheless, you can dwell upon your transgressions during your exile this week. BTW. little darth maul says hello.

jas, some of the guys at the office and I agreed that the Wachowskis never intended to make a trilogy...but found the strength after the studio started showering them with money based on the first movie's success.

I can't say anything else about the SW hurts too much.

jasdye said...

boy, that sounds cynical.

it's almost like you're saying other holy trilogies could have been made that way. like, say, ummm... The Pirates of the Carribean.