Monday, September 03, 2007

We could be heroes

Since there was no "Law & Order" marathon today (what up wit dat, TNT?), I programmed my own marathon: "Heroes". As I said in my last post, I ditched the show mid-season because it conflicted with the start of "24"...and that was a mistake. This first season of "Heroes" kicked all sorts of ass. I'm jazzed to check out all of the online graphic novels tomorrow.

As for season two, I wouldn't mind if the Nikki/Jessica character didn't return. Don't get me wrong; Ali Larter provides some great eye candy. Her storyline and powers just weren't all that interesting. The best thing about her was that she had a son named "Micah".

Had I thought about it, I would've blogged while I watched, similar to what I did for the Matrix movies. Maybe I'll do that for some of the other TV DVD sets out this week ("It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", "The Office", "30 Rock"). But probably not.


Anonymous said...

see? I told you HEROES was on point and 24 was straight garbage.

Of course, to 24's credit, it's hard to keep things fresh after six seasons. Can HEROES last half as long?

jasdye said...

we could be heroes, just for two seasons

Micah said...

reg - Yeah, I hear ya. This past season of "24" was easily its worst, in part because it didn't stray from its own formula and cliches. Hopefully "Heroes" won't fall into the same trap.

But now I can finally read that "Heroes" issue of EW that I've been saving since May (didn't want to read any spoilers).

jasdye - And they are?