Saturday, September 08, 2007

How do you make a good song better?

Mandy Moore - "Umbrella"

Get Mandy Moore to cover it.


jasdye said...

why do i keep thinking that oklahoma's gonna lose and michigan's gonna win?

spydrz said...

Has that song been in a commercial? I'm pretty sure I've heard it before.

Anonymous said...

[sighs. shakes head.]

Micah, I regret to inform you that your membership in the International Brotherhood of Heterosexual Men has been suspended indefinitely.

Wooly Rupert said...

omg I am SO behind on my dues.

Micah said...

jasdye - Because you live in a dream world.

spydrz - I dunno. I've played the original in the car, though.

reg - Aw, c'mon. Did you see this week's Crush? (Plus, Mandy Moore is really cute)

wooly - I didn't know you were even in the club.

jasdye said...

what? there's a club i gotta join now?

i just had a baby. shouldn't that count for something??

Micah said...

Yeah, the cards are pretty cool. Mine reads "Comfortable at both the titty bar and Lilith Fair."

I think you get them at the DMV or someplace.

jasdye said...

unemployment office and DMV? this is just not my month. i think i'll get by with my cute baby pass as long as that will last.

forgive me if i pull a reg here, but i think the Lilith Fair counts against you.

Micah said...

But, you see, I'm an enlightened strip club patron. :)

Are you no longer a teacher? (forgive me if you blogged about it recently; I'm way behind on my reading)

jasdye said...

i'm a teacher in the same way that your local barista is a rock star.

it's in my blood. just temporarily not in my paycheck.

long, angry post due soon.