Thursday, November 13, 2008

30 rock tumbler

Tonight's new episode of "30 Rock": "The One with the Cast of Night Court"

Liz's former roommate from Chicago, Claire Harper, comes to visit her and Jenna. She develops a stalker-like obsession with Jack. Kenneth is unhappy with the new page uniforms so Tracy decides to cheer him up with the help of Night Court cast members Harry Anderson, Markie Post and Charlie Robinson.



Maggie Moo said...

Court? At night? I'm laughing already!

Noah said...

No Bull! No Dan Fielding! No Roz! Sucks!

Denae said...

You are the only one on my blog roll who I can count on to at least update every other day. I felt alone in the Blogger world but then there was you.

Micah said...

Mags - A so-so episode. They need to stop going the "Will & Grace" route and keep the huge weekly guest stars to a minimum. Bring on the B-listers, though (like the "Night Court" cast).

Noah - I forgot how much I had a crush on Markie Post (and her sweet rack) back in the day. But really - what are the missing cast members up to these days that they couldn't make the trip?

Denae - And the quality shows! Some days/weeks are more inspired than others (the election helped), but at least I have these weekly features that I can put up with little to no effort. :)

jasdye said...

i think bull died during the original series run. john larroquette, though... i dunno, he was too busy filming a guest spot on "chuck" to be bothered with a guest spot on "30 Rock"?

aniston was surprisingly good in this episode, but didn't serve the purposes of the story of the laughs in the way that i felt oprah did last week.

Micah said...

I guess I can give Oprah a pass because, while I didn't find her funny at all, Liz's riffing off of her was hilarious.

Richard Moll's still kicking it. From his Wiki page, it looks like he's mainly doing voice work these days.