Wednesday, November 19, 2008

You can now refer to me as Micah the Greek

So, this season I've been making my college football picks in ESPN's College Pick 'Em game, concentrating on the league that I started and completely oblivious to the bigger picture. Well, the other day a friend pointed out that I'm ranked #6 in the nation (the world? the universe?)!

How the heck did this happen?! I don't claim to have any keen insight when it comes to sports. My system for picking winners is only a step or two above "I like their mascot better," for Pete's sake. I guess it helps that I'm realistic about "my team" (the Buckeyes can't win every game). Also, I switched from relying on the odds at Yahoo! Sports to the ones on, merely because Yahoo! drastically changed their layout, making it more confusing to a gambling neophyte like myself.

Now that I know my status among the gaming elites, the pressure's on. Winning an Xbox 360 would be swell. The other prize is a Circuit City gift card, which may be totally worthless when it comes time for it to be awarded. ESPN might as well have put up some Best Products or Service Merchandise funny money.


spydrz said...

Hey I just won a free flight on the Trump Shuttle!

Micah said...

That reminds me. I need to stop by Cloverleaf Mall on the way home from work.