Thursday, November 20, 2008

Office chatter

Tonight's new episode of "The Office": "Frame Toby"

A mysterious person in the office has made a huge mess in the microwave and will not clean it up.



Anonymous said...

Hey Micah, I saw this on my Facebook account, thought you might be interested if you didn't already know:

New Office webisodes this week!

What caused Oscar to lose it at the office? Love? Money? Angela? The staff at Dunder Mifflin investigate:

Go behind the scenes as the cast talks about making the latest Office webisodes:

Check back every Thursday for new webisodes on

Micah said...

Thanks for the heads-up. You know, I still haven't watched the last round of webisodes. I need to get busy!

jasdye said...

kevin was trying to make extra money last time i checked into the webisodes.

"yeah, punch him!"

"what? who's side are you on?"