Thursday, November 27, 2008

PETA makes preparing your Thanksgiving meal tasty fun!

Play the game here.

I don't think this game had the intended effect PETA was looking for, as I had fun playing it.

EDIT: Much like PETA itself, this flash game is super annoying. It would load automatically with the blog, playing loud screams and music. So I just linked to it.


Denae said...

Scarey but so hard to turn away from...yes, I played the game...and enjoyed turkey with the fam today. Delicious.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Maggie Moo said...

Having not been to your blog in about a week I have to tell you that this post freaked me the heck out. Why? Because it was not visible on the screen, yet when I entered your site all I heard was a scream and a crash.

The lesson here is obviously that I need to come by more often. :)

Micah said...

Denae - Thanks! My Thanksgiving was very nice. Hope yours was just as good.

Mags - Yes, you must check out the blog on an hourly basis. :)

Yeah, I've noticed how annoying that flash game is when it starts automatically. I've been meaning to modify the post. Maybe I'll get to it after work.