Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The afternoon after

Yes, the next four years seem kind of dire. Media censorship, an even bigger government, higher taxes, dissent squashed with cries of racism, an increased welfare/nanny state, the end of secret union ballots, socialized medicine, a curbing of our Constitutional rights, and a threat to the life of our most innocent are all possibly looming on the horizon. It's looking pretty grim, folks, but luckily I am able to see at least some bright sides to what happened last night:

  • We can start putting race behind us. While racism has been a blight on this country for centuries, Obama is now The Man. That says a whole lot about how far we've come. Let's put an end to the Race Baiting Industrial Complex. Give Jesse, Al, et al. some pink slips.

  • The GOP may get back to its roots. The party's been taken over by neo-conservatives, those big government liberals who have a hard on for the military. Maybe party leaders will see that they've hurt the party more than they've helped it and kick them out. Then they can get back to their basic principles of smaller government and fiscal responsibility.

  • The Democrats likely won't get a supermajority in Congress. That just makes it a little harder for them to railroad their damaging policies through the legislative process. Shooting down Obama's more outrageous spending proposals will make the Republican's "fiscally responsible" tag legit, setting them up for gains in 2010. Here's to the GOP growing a pair.

  • The trivial minute-by-minute Sarah Palin witch hunt will end. Folks, the irrational hatred of this accomplished woman and her family got really old really quickly.

  • A new generation of libertarians are born. Once some of those young wide-eyed idealists and "history voters" see how much the government will weasel it's way into their lives and rape their paychecks, there's a chance that disillusionment will breed rationality. Viva la revolution!

  • "The Daily Show" will (hopefully) refocus. For too long they've stuck to the "we're-not-biased-we-just-make-fun-of-the-party-in-power" line. Well, suddenly the Democrats are the sole party of power. Now it's Jon Stewart's time to walk it like he talks it. Maybe those woefully misinformed kids who rely on this show for their news will see a different side. I'm skeptical, though. Stephen Colbert gets a pass because he's always hilarious.

  • The bar is set extremely low for the Presidential qualifications. A junior first-term Senator who spent the bulk of the last two years campaigning rather than doing his job? Seriously, people? That's it. Tomorrow I set up my 2012 exploratory committee.

  • The world's view of the US may improve. Ceding our country's autonomy to the UN and the World Court would be extremely unwise and I pray that we don't go down that route. But I'm optimistic that the world's people will be nicer to us and I won't have to adopt a thick Scottish brogue when traveling abroad.

  • The Anti-Bush Merchandising Industry will not go bankrupt. They'll just have to transition to an anti-Obama model. Yes, you can!

  • Schadenfreude, schadenfreude, schadenfreude. The next four years of seeing Obama's fans get upset because he can't possibly deliver all of the sunshine and lollipops that he promised will be absolutely delicious. When he doesn't pay their mortgages or fill up their tanks, they will be weeping out of disappointment and frustration, not joy. Oh, the tears of unfathomable sadness! Yummy!

  • Palin 2012. Some may not want to acknowledge it, but with this election she planted the seeds of a fervent base. I was at the rallies. I saw them. You can't stop this woman. You can only hope to contain her.
The next four years will indeed suck, but it won't be that bad. It may not be what Obama had in mind, but his presidency does give me a little bit of hope.


Anonymous said...

Just think about how much fun you shills are going to have bitching and moaning and playing the victim over the coming years. Of course you did that during the Bush presidency too, but now it'll be justified!

Or rather than spending today fearing this inevitable hellscape future you've concocted in that sad cynical little mind of yours, you could take just a moment to look back at all the damage and pain you and your fellow Republicans have caused with your careless voting and blind, dumb support.

If you're not sure where to start then may I suggest you go visit a V.A. hospital and take a good look around.

spydrz said...

It's amazing the level of hatred that still exists on the left. Wow.

jasdye said...

to play devil's advocate here, derrick (b/c, as you are aware, republicans are devils...) not all conservatives/republicans are/were down with the iraq war or that hawkish "philosophy" known alternately as "neocon" or "the bush doctrine".

and yes, everybody, politics is cyclical in this country. and some of us have had enough of NOT caring for the poor and downtrodden - esp the last eight years of it.

Bookstore Piet said...

Spydrz - compared to your homophobic-profanity laced reaction to the 2006 election derrick seems rather restrained.

spydrz said...

Well I guess you showed me.
I'll leave now.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, let me play:

Item 1--Fat chance.
Item 2--Maybe they could do both. As someone who has been in the military, I would say SOMEONE has to defend it.
Item 3--True. That is definitely the silver lining.
Item 4--Amen.
Item 5--Here's hoping someone can make it so that big L "Libertarian" is no longer a drity word.
Item 6--I still prefer Colbert any day. Though, to be fair, I thought Stewart was kind of funny on the few occasions he did chance to poke fun at BO.
Item 7--I want to be your running mate. I could vite "present" all day!
Item 8--Who the fuck cares what the rest of the underachieving world thinks?
Item 9--All anti-Obama merchandise will be burned and its purveyors put in reeducation camps.
Item 10--That would be great, if the idiots who put him into office for those reasons were clever enough to notice. Hint: They're not.
Item 11--They better watch out for this broad. I'm also kind of hoping people will get over their irrational fear of Mormons, if you get my drift.

Anonymous said...

That's right, spydrz.

I HATE that your partisan voting for a moron like Bush sent the finest of my generation to be killed, crippled, and psychologically damaged in Iraq.

Please, excuse me for hating ignorance and injustice.

Anonymous said...

Oh, brother Spydrz, what did you do? And I mean "oh brother" in the classic colloquial sense, not in the black sense, which I believe is more meaningful.

Denae said...

Hi Micah. Love your blog!
I'm not going to dispute your opnion but "irrational hatred" of Palin? I, while not fond of her, did not hate her and I don't think Obama fans hated Palin. I was just horrified that an extremist woman with intense evangelical roots - which helped her govern Wasilla's 7000 - might have a chance to lead the United States in a world which is growing more and more tired of the Western/Christian superiority complex. While she is an accomplished woman, she is an embarrassment to women who are accomplished AND educated. Exit polls showed Obama supporters were single women, minorities, younger voters and those who hold a post-graduate degree.
But look at me, who's the fool? I swore after this election I would never mention her until she rears her hilarious gaffes again in a few years. Hopefully, for her supporters and the party, she'll spend the next few years going back to school, studying history, traveling abroad, learning about world conflict and LISTENING rather than spewing nonsense she learned from her church leaders who don't have a college degree and cannot pick out even one other country besides Africa on a map. I mean come on - the US is the last beacon of good for the world? How do the staunch Catholics in Italy feel about that generalization repeated over and over to crowds of thousands by Palin? And we wonder why there are camps all over the world with people plotting to attack our land. Hopefully they'll think twice now.

Anonymous said...

(1) Governor of Alaska...that's Alaska...the state...population: more than 7000. Number of combined career governees under Barry Obama and Smokin' Joe Biden: 0.

(2) Oooh Smithers...the Christians...whatever shall I do?

(3) College is considered a "decent" education. Post-graduate education strongly encouraged, but optional.

(4) Joe Biden's comment about Dunkin' Donuts and 7-11s being heavily populated by Indians...also considered a "hilarious gaffe." (not that it's not true, but good for them!)

(5) How did I not know Italy was the last great bastion of hope? Sweet! I'm so there!

(6) "And we wonder why there are camps all over the world with people plotting to attack our land. Hopefully they'll think twice now." Answer: Because he haven't blown them [the camps] all up yet. And it seems like they have been thinking twice about it for a while now.

I say all this not simply to be contrarian, or stir up a scintillating ideological debate, but merely to point out the foolishness in perpetuating such a circular debate in vain hope of ever arriving at THE answer.

SBN1 said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks we haven't seen the last of Sarah Palin. These folks that are throwing her under the bus right now have obviously never watched Obi Wan's battle with Darth Vader in Episode IV.

Also, the conspiracy theorist in me believes that she was selected because the GOP knew they were screwed on this one...

"wow, we f'ed up big time didn't we? rich folks' and masochists' votes won't be enough for us to hold onto power, so let's set up shop for the future."

"the donkeys have that clinton woman and half black dude out there; and they're not doing so bad. maybe we can break the candidate mold as well?"

"hmmmm, go on."

"well, we can't pick a black dude cos that would seem contrived. besides, none of the guys on our roster are charismatic enough to win out when compared to Obama. Oh wait, I got it! How about Bobby Jindal?

"Oh yeah, that's good thinking! An Indian guy would blow people away! That's great, let's run with...oh damn, that won't work."

"What is it?"

"The guy's from Louisiana."

"Yeah, so?"

"So, he's dirty by default. You know how they do politics down there."

"Goddamn it, you're right. What now?"

"Let's shatter the glass ceiling."

"Intriguing! Who do you have in mind? Kay Bailey Hutchinson? Elizabeth Dole?"

"Nah, they're solid but way too yesterday. We need a fresh face to get people excited. Just like the donkeys went out and got themselves."

"Good point! I remember that dude giving a good speech at the last DNC and now BLAM! He's blazing a trail to the White House. It's like he came out of nowhere."

"Exactly, and that's where our choice will come from."


"No, Alaska!"

"Close enough."

"No, listen...we got a person up there who is perfect!"

"'re not talking about that MILF Governor of theirs, are you?"

"My friend, that's exactly who I am talking about."

"I dunno, she's a piece and a half but she's way too green. The donkeys, the media...they will eat her alive!"

"That's the idea. We already know this election is lost, so we trot her out there now for Phase One of our plan for 2012."

"Oh word, tell me more."

"Okay, so first we bring her out as McCain's running mate. Media buzz like whoah! Bank on it. Next, we immediately set her loose with the traditional VP candidate's attack dog role. Give her a tight script with plenty of the typical chum that works our base into a frenzy."

"Will that work?"

"Are you mad? Hell f'ng yes it will work! Play her up big family, DC outsider status, toss in some campaign rhetoric and some choice attacks...sheeit, you got yourself a stew goin'! The base will be re-energized and picking up skeptics that just can't get onboard with the donkeys' Love Parade hoopla."

"Man, this sounds really good! Heck we might even pull off the win."

"Slow down now, son. That's just crazy talk. Don't you see? It's getting bad out there. Hell, if things gets any worse (Oh, Reagan son of father God almighty, please make things stay quiet in Iraq!) the donkeys could run a ticket with Alec Baldwin and a Tickle-Me Elmo doll...and still we'd be fighting for every last vote."

"I get it, I get what's the next phase then?"

"The Crucifixtion."

"Say what?"

"Yeah, we let the donkeys and the media try to tear her apart."

"You're losing me now."

"No, listen...the attacks will serve to strengthen support within our base. When her lack of experience is exposed, that will also lead fence sitters to turn their back on us and join the Love Parade."

"What?! We're going to give them votes now?!"

"You're not seeing the big picture here. I keep telling you this is a long-term vision."

"Okay, now she's crucified."

"Oh no, not quite yet. After the donkeys win the election, Johnny will drop the crotchety old man act and give a brilliant concession speech. Seriously, it will be night and day sort of deal. The donkeys will have to give him his due. His star will fall with dignity."

"And what of Palin?"

"Okay, so the media will be analyzing the election results and this is when we take her off the cross and throw her under the bus."

"You're kinda mixing metaphors now."

"I know, but that's what we're going to do. Now unhitched from McCain, we'll be free to really unload on her. Unnamed sources from within the campaign staff will come to the press with all kinds of shit to make her look even worse than when the donkeys and the media were attacking her."

"This is horrible! Why would you do this?"

"Eyes on the prize, my friend. At this point, only the most partisan zealots will revel in her being exposed and dragged through the mud. We can't win them anyway, so it's not a big deal. HOWEVER, the average voter will feel sorry for her. After all, no one deserves that kind of treatment."

"Can't she fight back?"

"Yeah, but just enough to show she's got spunk and isn't the fool she's being painted as. Then she takes a proverbial dirt nap."

"Lemme guess, now comes the ascencion?"

"Exactamundo! We take her back to the frontier and begin the re-education of Sarah Palin."

"Like the Lauryn Hill album?"

"No, more like Rocky training in Siberia to fight Ivan Drago. Also, I think the album was the mis-education of Lauryn Hill."

"Oooh, that's good! Plus, it works because Obama's totally a Drago!"

"I know, and Palin's a real American just like Rocky Balboa."

"Only hotter."

"Yes, much hotter. And Americans love nothing more than a good underdog redemption story. We'll bring her back to life, polish her up and then pair her with one of our golden boys...then it will be our turn to shock the world."

"I gotta hand it to you, that's some plan. Think it'll work?"

"Dude, how can it not work? we are leaving the donkeys a steaming heap of shit that the people expect them to turn into gold."

"hahahaha! you're so right! those clowns are screwed. they'll probably start fighting amongst themselves by late 2010."

"and you know this, maaaaaan!"

"hahaha! I love that movie!"

Micah said...

Okay, some days have passed and hopefully everyone's settled down some...

Derrick - Shill? For what? Whom? I don't consider myself a Repbulican (especially not amongst today's brand). If anything, I'm a libertarian. But I'm enough of a realist to know that I have to align myself with one of two parties when I'm in the voting booth, if only prevent a potentially dangerous one party rule (or do you not remember the first six years of the Bush administration?). I choose the GOP because they reflect my stance on more issues than the Democrats, even if it is merely just rhetoric today.

I hope over the next four years you can recognize that dissent is still patriotic. Or does that term only apply when paying taxes?

BP - Shame about Berkeley Breathed's health. That cartoon he did with him in it recently was at both funny and heartbreaking. (See? Common ground!)

jasdye - I'm glad you are able to see things broadly. We all have the same goal - to make this country great - just different ways to go about it, usually regarding the levels of government intrusion.

dubin -
1) Yeah, I tend to agree, but it seems at least both "sides" are hoping that.
2) Don't get me wrong. We need a healthy, robust military. But I'm sure there's some fat that could be trimmed (I'm talking needless spending, not troop levels or anything like that) and we could be a tad less interventionist.
3) Yep.
4) Shalom!
5) I soooo wanted to vote for Bob Barr, but Virginia just had to trend blue. You should've seen the dissension during the Libertarian Conference over the summer. Many were terribly opposed to his nomination, but I think it's going to take someone with his background (i.e. actually having a DC background) to make inroads with the general populace.
6) Colbert's hilarious. Honestly, though, I haven't watched "The Daily Show" regularly in quite some time. Their book was great and they had an excellent stable of "correspondents" (Corddry, Colbert, Carell, Rocca, Helms). The new folks just aren't that funny. But I'll be giving it another shot in the new year.
7) Done.
8) Well, in order to look more optimistic, I needed all the bullet points that I could get. :)
9) I for one welcome our new Tolerance Overlords.
10) Sadly, I tend to agree again.
11) I liked Romney, but I wasn't too sure if the public could get over the Mormon thing. I'm still scratching my head as to how McCain got the nomination. I don't think Mitt's done, either.

Denae - I should've been clearer. There were legitimate concerns about her and she should've gone through the questioning that is requisite of any VP nominee. I was talking about the absolutely trivial (her wardrobe budget), dismissive (she's *only* the mayor of Mayberry North), glaringly false (Bristol is Trig's mother!), or biased (her prayer for our troops that was taken completely out of context) "stories" that dominated the headlines and public discussion. Maybe I spend too much time on message boards, blogs, and Twitter, but at least online there was indeed actual hatred of this woman. "Scandals" were thrown out seemingly hourly, just to see what stuck.

I'm still waiting to hear credible illustrations of how she turned Alaska into a theocracy. "Credible" being her actual actions, not "well, some guy in her town says..."

I hate calling out your profession, but largely the media rolled over for Barack (except for, say, the Wright issue). If Palin had said some of the boneheaded things that Biden actually did, how many news cycles would it have occupied? Yet, everyone just gave Joe a chuckle and moved on. Obama finally gives an unusually candid remark about his intentions to "spread the wealth" and yet the story's all about "Joe the Plumber" and his dredged up background. Where was the news about his ties with Rezko? The questioning of his vote to allow abortion survivors die?

As for these post-election "revelations" about Palin, I refuse to give them any credence until the accusers stop hiding behind anonymity. Now is traditionally when people within the losing campaign point fingers as to what went wrong and look for scapegoats. Too many people have axes to grind and there were some within the party that didn't like Palin from the get-go. Do you honestly think that someone who rose through the ranks as she did does not know that Africa is a continent or what countries were involved with NAFTA? Seriously? If the lie is repeated long enough it becomes truth.

I'd go on, but Dubin did an able job of backing me up. Hopefully, we can put all of this past us...until 2012. :)

Reggie - Man, I love your posts. Dude, you really need to start writing the Great American Novel. Sprinkle it with "Arrested Development," Fugees, and Friday references and you're guaranteed a spot on the NYT Best Sellers List.

jasdye said...

since i'm tired of arguing these points, i'll make this brief (which always turns out to be a lie):

ALL taxes have ALWAYS been a way of "spreading the wealth around." progressive income tax is an agreement that those with the most to gain in our current political climate should give the most. when bush ii was in office, his tax cuts most helped those who needed the least help (as mccain noted before: 60% of benefits to the wealthiest 10%) and, by way of offsetting the payments for all the negligent spending the gov't was/is doing, put the burdens on the next generation(s).

my daughter is a part of that generation. heck, we'll all be working through retirement trying to pay off these debts if this junk don't end. and i, for one, am glad that it just might.

btw, word verification: aquawki