Sunday, January 23, 2005

And in the third act the Cobra Kai rumbles with the Jets

You knew it was only a matter of time: Karate Kid: The Musical. (Seems like its engagement has already run, but there's some music available for download.)

Anyone that knows me knows that musicals really aren't my bag, baby. There are a few that I like: South Pacific, Guys and Dolls, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Little Shop of Horrors. Those have some really catchy songs. Something about all the characters breaking out into song just seems cheesy, though. But with lyrics like this, I think that I can tolerate it:

I'm the evil sensei
It's my evil dojo
I teach evil karate
I'm evil as a mofo

Oh, and there's also a Silence of the Lambs musical.


Micah said...

Yeah, I'd heard of JC's passing. He's been out of the limelight for a while, but will definitely be missed. I don't know who had the final say on choosing his successor, but Leno is half the TV host Carson was.

The Rat Pack's "Live and Swingin'" CD is packaged with a DVD of a live performance where a young Johnny Carson is the emcee. Think I'll pop it in tonight.

Micah said...

Actually, that's one that I would like to see. When the movie's released, I'll probably even see it in the theater. The touring production of it came to Cowtown a couple of weeks ago, but I missed out (no student loans anymore, you know).