Thursday, January 27, 2005

I wonder if they know "Free Bird"

Okay, seriously, I've got to get these guys to play my bar mitzvah. Or my 30th out in Vegas. Or something. They keep pushing my love over the borderline.

(Thanks again to Memmer for the heads-up)


spydrz said...

I can't believe I clicked on the link.

Micah said...

KPMD - My friend said that this was Howard Stern's site of the week. Having ditched Stern for Glenn Beck many moons ago when the former lost the funny, it was new to me.

16:9 - Well, I guess that we'll have to pump up the limit of the "Micah Fund" so that it can accomadate both Mandonna and lots of boobies.

Kate The Great said...

I just want to know... which of the men of Mandonna are you trying to oust? Surely you could audition for the ensemble. Perhaps you could go for the Madonna impersonator of the Vogue era?

Micah said...

I'm thinking "Like a Virgin" era Madge. I'd look good in a trashy wedding dress, no?