Sunday, January 02, 2005

The Resolution will not be televised

Despite my absolute hatred for New Year's, I've made a few of resolutions for 2005:

1) Re-establish contact with people from my past. I've already started this one, actually. I feel bad for not falling out of contact with some of these people. I've got more than a few on my list. Also included in this resolution is to maintain better contact friends and family I already talk to.
2) Drop some El-Beez. The obligatory resolution everyone makes, but I need to get to a more appropriate "dating weight." Plus, it would help to have my suits fit better when going in for job interviews.
3) Cut back on my media spending. As long as I don't have a job, I can't affored to go to Best Buy every Tuesday and drop $100 on music I'll only listen to every once in a while and movies that I thought were only passable when I saw them in the theater (if I saw them at all). Again, I've actually got a jump on this one a few weeks ago. I can wait the few weeks it takes for a used copy of a DVD to show up at Hollywood Video. And I'll just download more music, thus pissing off the RIAA.
4) Get better at writing thank-you notes. From when I was a young age, my parents instilled the importance of writing thank-you notes after receiving a gift. Lately, though, I've kind of slacked off in that department. I'm going to start by sending Christmas thank-yous out this week.
5) Learn how to tie a bow tie. Former Daily Show correspondent Mo Rocca once speculated on why men wear bow ties: "to show off the fact that they know how to tie them." Well, I now have two in my arsenal and am still clueless as to how to tie them. That'll change this year.

So, there you have it. I think that these are more or less easily obtainable. I still hate New Year's.


spydrz said...

I may have to also try the bow tie thing...

Willow said...

Oh. My. Gawd. Where did you find a Bill? Your last resolution has to be "I will pass along my superior Bill to an oddball blogger named Goober Queen." Honestly.

Micah said...

The Easter Bunny left Bill in my basket one mid- to late-80s Easter. You can have him when you pry him from my cold, dead hands. Or you can bid on one of the ones listed on ebay.

As for the bow tie - don't bite my style. There's only room for one Tucker Carlson-looking dork in our group.

spydrz said...

We just won't wear them at the same time, or in the same state...besides, I can legally wear seersucker here--as a matter of fact, I have three seersucker shirts.