Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Crush of the Week: Scarlett Johansson

This week's crush is actress Scarlett Johansson. Now, usually these posts are reserved for women who aren't traditionally seen as sex symbols. But then the latest issue of Esquire arrived in my mailbox and WOW! I've only seen her in Lost in Translation, but thought she did a great job in that movie.

Ah, what the hell. Bonus pic:

The rest of the images can be found at Esquire.


spydrz said...


Kate The Great said...

Well. I will say, the opening of LIT proved she had great, ahem, assets.

That's one of my top -new- movies, and it gets lots of playtime in my VCR.

I also recommend The Girl With The Pearl Earring. Very thought provoking and she looked great without all the face gunk you see on stars in movies these days.

RuKsaK said...

She is stunning and not in the usual dull, stupid way - just stunning

Kate The Great said...

What is this? I leave you for three hours, and you do a complete renovation on your site?!!

It looks great...

Micah said...

Thanks, Kate. Although, I really can't take any credit, as my knowledge of HTML is extremely rusty (and basic). I was surfing around Blog Clicker and landed on the site of a woman that offers free templates. I was getting sick of the cookie-cutter Blogger one, so figured "what the hell." I did tinker with it some and I'm not 100% in love with it, but it's a nice change. Eventually, I want to get a different, exclusive skin (but that'll cost $$$).

Panthergirl said...

Who would even notice this babe amid your new digs? Micah we hardly knew ye. Yes, Ms. Johanssen is just lovely...and how fitting for you to be smitten with yet another woman named Scarlett? ;)

shabooty said...


#10 - Rachel Roy (Damon Dash's new wife)
Howard couldn't remember her name, but he remembered she's hot, and really, that's the biggest compliment in the world.

#9 - Lisa Ling and Lucy Liu
Howard lumped the two together because he couldn't tell them apart - except that they're both hot.

#8 - Lindsay Lohan
Howard thought he might take some flack for that one, but he doesn't care, he's into her.

#7 - Pamela Anderson
Not #1 but still on the list. Artie said that day up her hotel room was the greatest day of his life.

#6 - Jessica Simpson
Howard hates giving her credit because her life is too good, but you can't ignore her beauty.

#5 - Julie Chen
Or Julie Moonves when she's using her husband Les Moonves' credit card. Howard met her in person while she was with Moonves buying clothes. Les told her that one of her sweaters was too tight but Howard thought it was perfect. He said she was so hot in person it was unbelievable.

#4 - Angelina Jolie
Robin commented on how low Howard ranked her. He said that is because there are new girls who have come along.

#3 - Petra Nemcova (the Tsunami chick)
Howard checked out all her pictures on the internet - she's the real deal.

#2 - Jolene Blalock
Even though Howard is the only person still talking about her, and constantly telling her how hot she is, she has not been back on the show since her first appearance. But she's still one of Howard's all-time favorites.

#1 - Evangeline Lilly (from "LOST")

Micah said...

§häß00tý - Thanks for the list.

Panthergirl - I have yet to meet a Scarlett that I didn't like! Although, Ms. Johansson seems like less of a prima donna than Ms. O'Hara.

Micah said...

I liked the old look (dots!), but you know me: I gotta be unique. Tomorrow I'll try to tweak it a little more. But with my limited abilities, I don't know what I'll be able to accomplish.

Where the heck do you work that the picture isn't work safe? She's not even nekkid! (Not that that would be a bad thing)

You go and enjoy Alias.