Saturday, January 29, 2005

Dr. Atkins' only crime was curiosity

This article looks at the nerd appeal of low carb diets. One systems analyst puts it this way:
"The low-carb thing is essentially a way of forcing control over the metabolism much like coders, geeks and hackers tweak their code and config files to make their machines run smoother."
That's got to be one of the geekiest things that I've read in a while. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to watch The Return of the King (extended edition) for the eighth time while I play The Sims 2 (and blog).


spydrz said...

Well I'm watching the Barrett-Jackson auction on Speed TV and text messaging my guess prices...I've actually done pretty well.

Law Fairy said...

My sims got messed up when a glitch kept the mom's pregnancy from progressing normally. I had to move them into a new house before she could give birth. That was a bummer, too, because she has a family aspiration.

I'm thinking about giving my sims their own online diary.

Micah said...

There's a patch at the Sims site - do you have it? Maybe it'll fix the glitch. My Sim (Judge Micah) is on his last legs. His wife's not bad, but the son's a dork. I'll spare his life, though. Gotta love this God Complex.

spydrz said...

Hot dang! Some guy just bid $3,000,000 for a 1954 Oldsmobile prototype. Too bad it wasn't for a blue 91 Delta 88 Royale.

Micah said...

There she is...Mrs. Loser of the Year. Thanks for the update.

So, am I the only one who thinks the title of this post is funny? Shamrock would get it.

spydrz said...

M-as for the title, does it have anything to do with Shamrock's "nickname" in college?

Micah said...

spydrz - I'm drawing a blank as to the nickname.

Kate - Yeah, because MacGyver isn't dorky. :)

KPMD - You got it! It reminds me of when Shamrock stayed at my house one summer. I come home from work and the house is completely dark, save for the TV. Shamrock was taking advantage of the free Showtime preview, despite the fact that he was watching crappy movies like "Hackers" and "Biodome."