Wednesday, January 12, 2005

This week's horoscope from the Onion

Virgo: There seems to be a universal force that balances out the good and bad events in our lives. Don't worry about it, though, as nothing ever happens to you.

The Onion (or at least its horoscopes) never fails to bring the funny.


Kate The Great said...

Funny: "Be assured that the Author of all Creation has a plan for you. Unfortunately, it involves a hackneyed "evil twin" plot twist you'll see coming a mile away."

That first part I'm counting on. Now, this evil twin part... Hmm. Maybe it's just the part of me that's hell bent on self destructing?

Micah said...

That one cracked me up when I saw it. There's usually one or two absolute gems each week.

Anonymous said...

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