Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Anyone up for lunch in Chandler, AZ?

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I let out a Homer Simpsonesque drool when I watched this piece about the Heart Attack Grill (for several reasons).

Of course, with a restaurant of this nature, not everyone can take a joke. Surprisingly, it wasn't the health nazis that tried to put their foot down.


spydrz said...

I was just looking at their website yesterday!

Micah said...

That CBS video is relatively old. I've had this post banked for a slow day like today.

I'd love to try one of those burgers and then get wheeled out by a "nurse."

Anonymous said...

1) eight THOUSAND calories? i love to go overboard on ocassion (like, once a day), but that's redunkulous! yuck.

2) so, they don't have a problem with him claiming to be a doctor even though he actually LOOKS like one? but the "nurses" (who don't look like nurses) are the threat? GiveMeABreak.