Saturday, January 24, 2009

Song to get you through the weekend: "Don't Look Back in Anger" by Oasis

Given my re-evaluation of Oasis, I've been listening to a lot of them this week. While I found (What's the Story) Morning Glory? to be just average, I think this is an excellent single.

Has this song been used in a movie before? If not, I'm surprised. Seems like it'd be the perfect tune to play as the young, attractive couple reconciles, closes in to kiss in the rain, and the credits fade in.

Make it happen, Hollywood.


SBN1 said...

I have this single somewhere in my apartment. I think the b-side was a cover of Slade's "Cum On, Feel The Noize."

Oh, where have the years gone?

Anonymous said...

Micah, I picture a similar movie scene...only set to "Long Stick Goes Boom" by Krokus.

Anonymous said...

Where Did It All Go Wrong? is another Oasis track in the same vein as DLBIA.

Micah said...

SBN1 - Yeah, I heard that this week. They do a good job.

Dubin - Well, originally I envisioned that scene with something by Linear or Atrophe, but I'm sure the cost to acquire the rights would be way out of most movies' budgets.

Rawdog Billionaire - Thanks!