Friday, June 23, 2006

And Matt Damon could be Higgins

Rumor has it that the producers of the "Magnum, PI" film remake want to cast Ben Affleck in the title role. Uh, no. Hey, I dig B-Fleck (he was the bomb in Phantoms, yo), but I think he's all wrong for the part. I don't care if he's thought of as "too old", there's only one Magnum: Tom Selleck. Personally, I think all of these movie updates should be scrapped, as more often than not they turn out to be craptacular.


jasdye said...

i 2nd that.

but, wait, i don't care about magnum p.i.

let's go back in time, eh?
baffleck as daredevil?

no. no. no. no. no.


i hear they're looking to make matt damon as the young capt. kirk.

i just can't see it. not that i'm a trek nerd or anything.

(i always thought matt damon was a bit of a streisand, but looking at this, he can kick some a**)

Anonymous said...

Affleck as Magnum? No.
Vince Vaughn (15 lbs lighter? Possibly.

jasdye said...


well, although i may not be a trek nerd, per se, i am a recovering comic book nerd. more or less.

personally, i think they should scrap any remakes not involving micheal knight and KIT.

Anonymous said...

Ben Affleck? No. David Hasselhof? Yes.

What I want to know is, why can't Tom Selleck do it?

Micah said...

As a fan of the comic, Daredevil wasn't that bad, although I hear that the director's cut DVD (which I haven't seen) makes it better.

As for Selleck, I figure he's spreading out his "Magnum" royalties and rolling around nude in 'em. That's what I'd do to keep busy.

Right now, since he ain't gonna be the new Fletch, Jason Lee should be the new Magnum. Hell, he's proven he can rock the 'stache.