Thursday, June 01, 2006

I'm beginning to think that Chicago is the new culinary capital of the world

First I learned of Hot Doug's. Then, a couple of days ago I found out about the Weber Grill Restaurant, where everything is cooked over huge charcoal grills. I'm living in the wrong place.


jasdye said...

for some reason, seriously, i've been hearing a lot about how we're this great restaurant town - esp for experimentation.

and all this time, i've been living off o' mickey d's.

(our pizza, no fronting, IS the best.)

Anonymous said...

Dude...any town in which forced-fed duck liver is verbotten must definitely CANNOT be a culinary capital.

Micah said...

jasdye - You've got to get out more. And loves me some deep dish. Especially from that place. You know, the kinda touristy one.

hugnkiss - D'oh! I forgot about that. But can you imagine grilled foie gras?

jasdye said...

you're speaking of giordano's. it's probably the only legitimate tourist place in chicago. oh, maybe the blues clubs.

deep dish foie gras pizza WAS the best.