Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I am the smartest man alive!

I've been having an involuntary vacation from work this week due to transmission problems with my car. I feel like a bum and am pretty upset about the lost wages (not to mention whatever this repair's going to cost me). But it's given me time to get caught up on a lot of music I've obtained recently. Tonight I'm going to see Thank You For Smoking for the second time.

One other thing that's occupied my time: don't ask why, but I have a free subscription to "Star Magazine", which is probably the most worthless rag I've ever read (and I've read "The New Republic"). But the magazine's crossword puzzle makes me feel like a genius. We're talking a sub-"People Magazine" level of difficulty. And it's great.


Law Fairy said...

I didn't know crosswords *got* any easier than People magazine. I mean, what would it say, "The voice of Darth Vader. His name rhymes with Blames Curl Bones"?

Micah said...

law fairy - Close. Okay, maybe I was too quick to deem it beneath People, but let's look at a clue from last week's puzzle: Marisa Tomei hit "__ Cousin Vinny"

That's a head-scratcher!

kate - Not necessarily blah, but frustrated. I got a call from the transmission repair place and they couldn't fix my car because the VW dealer wouldn't send/didn't have the part. So I lost four days of work for nothing. On top of that, the temp agency called and said I was dropped from my assignment because of my absences. So I'm feeling super!