Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I am the smartest man alive!

I've been having an involuntary vacation from work this week due to transmission problems with my car. I feel like a bum and am pretty upset about the lost wages (not to mention whatever this repair's going to cost me). But it's given me time to get caught up on a lot of music I've obtained recently. Tonight I'm going to see Thank You For Smoking for the second time.

One other thing that's occupied my time: don't ask why, but I have a free subscription to "Star Magazine", which is probably the most worthless rag I've ever read (and I've read "The New Republic"). But the magazine's crossword puzzle makes me feel like a genius. We're talking a sub-"People Magazine" level of difficulty. And it's great.


Law Fairy said...

I didn't know crosswords *got* any easier than People magazine. I mean, what would it say, "The voice of Darth Vader. His name rhymes with Blames Curl Bones"?

Kate said...

It's always good to find something, anything, to pick you up when you feel blah.

Micah said...

law fairy - Close. Okay, maybe I was too quick to deem it beneath People, but let's look at a clue from last week's puzzle: Marisa Tomei hit "__ Cousin Vinny"

That's a head-scratcher!

kate - Not necessarily blah, but frustrated. I got a call from the transmission repair place and they couldn't fix my car because the VW dealer wouldn't send/didn't have the part. So I lost four days of work for nothing. On top of that, the temp agency called and said I was dropped from my assignment because of my absences. So I'm feeling super!