Thursday, June 01, 2006

Crush of the Week: Shandi Finnessey

This week's Crush is former Miss USA and current game show co-hostess Shandi Finnessey.

Here she is...Miss USA.

One night while I was staying over at my sister's crib, I was flipping channels and happened upon "PlayMania" on GSN (a cable channel that I don't have at home)...and I couldn't look away. It's an interactive late night game show with puzzles that have all of the difficulty of the People Magazine crossword puzzle, set to an unrelenting pseudo-techno soundtrack. All the while Shandi kept things rolling with her little quips and comments (and eye candy).


spydrz said...

I've seen that show at dukez24's house. I think it's his favorite.

Micah said...

I know where we're going on Friday nights, then.

Anonymous said...

I'd hit that. Nice selection, Micah.

Micah said...

I thought you'd approve. I'd hit it, too!