Monday, June 05, 2006

I'm afraid that my retirement was short-lived.

Today was my second attempt* at hitting up the temp agency and, lo and behold, they have a three week assignment for me starting tomorrow. Just when I was getting used to being a bum. Oh, well. My savings will only take me until the end of this month, so it's for the best. Maybe.

1. won't default on my student loan and other bills
2. will have enough scrilla left over to actually do more than one social thing a week
3. more constructive use of my time than the PS2 and porn

1. have to shave everyday
2. have to wear shoes (summers are for flip-flops, dammit)
3. commute's a bitch
4. less time for PS2 and porn

I'll be spending my nights between the houses of my sister and spydrz. Otherwise, I'd be driving about 75 miles a day. I'd go into some lecture about our dependence on foreign oil, yada yada, but really it's just a damn long time to be in the car each day.

*I went to a more local temp agency last week, all dressed up in my suit, French cuffed shirt, Brooks Brothers tie, etc. ALL of the other potential temps were in t-shirts and jeans. It didn't really give off a "we have plenty of professional places to locate you" vibe. I don't think I'll be calling on that agency in the future.


Kate The Great said...

You make me laugh out loud with your hilarious description at the asterisk.

I think BB and cuffs should be a prereq for just about everything...

The bar crowd would be so much better looking.

RC said...

yea, i hate shaving...especially everyday...if you wait a couple days you can tell that what you're doing is "productive."

Enjoy the temp job.

Work's a bummer.

--RC of

Micah said...

KtG - Aw, thanks. But that was all 100% true. Scary.

RC - Work is indeed a bummer. Thanks for stopping by.