Friday, June 30, 2006

Back in the saddle again

I've renewed my interest in a couple of internet thingamajigs lately:

First off, I overhauled my little corner of MySpace, thanks to my brother getting on the site and long lost friends getting in touch with me. Back in the day I would accept the friend request of any old band, even if they weren't my cup of tea. Well, my friends list is big, but bloated so I'm going to clear it out soon. But if you loyal MW readers want to be my "friend", drop me a line. Also, for those stalking me, snag my pictures now because I'm kind of bored with them and will likely update a few.

Also, because of my cousin Matt and Kate "befriending" me, I've recently got back into using (formerly AudioScrobbler) - pretty much a site that tabulates my listening habits. Getting my iPod has really changed the way that I've listened to music and rarely do I play tunes on my computer. But there are applications out there that send your iPod data to the site. I've tried a few, with varied results. I wish I could use the jscrob2 plug-in, which requires no effort on my part - but you need to autosync your iPod for it to work and I manually update mine. So, until there's a better solution, I'm using YamiPod, which is a bit clunky and makes me jump through a hoop or two. Again, want to be "friends"? Just ask.

(BTW, for those in the know, I did a long-overdue update of my Imagestation site.)

Okay, I'm going to mow my lawn now.


Law Fairy said...

I'm officially a myspace addict now. I'm worried about withdrawal this weekend, when I'll be mostly without internet. Yikes!

Micah said...

How sad! I'm by no means an addict, but I find it an interesting social tool.

Micah said...

Yeah, me and The Neil are tight like that. As for manually updating, I just like doing it myself. It's anal, I know, but there are certain playlists I want only on my iPod and you can't do that when you autosync. At least I've found a way to send songs to that actually works, even if it ain't the simplest.