Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The biggest little whitebread strip-mall community in the world

Through the generosity of a new (to me, at least) Panera in my hometown, I can simultaneously blog, eat broccoli and cheese soup - in a sourdough breadbowl! - and sip iced green tea.

The job fair was okay, but there wasn't too much that I was qualified for or wanted (sales? please.). I spoke to a couple of company reps that interested me, though. It wasn't a total bust: I got to gawk at co-eds all dressed up in business suits. So, yeah, it was totally worth it.

And I escaped the school's bookstore without spending a dime, which hasn't happened in years. Usually when I go there, I buy tons of Richmond stuff like I'm stocking up for Y2K.

But does your school have its own water?


"Arrested Development" is back and I'm happy to say that it's as funny as ever. The same goes for "The Office." And "My Name Is Earl" turned out to be as enjoyable as I thought it would.

Last night was dinner with Dad and I had Virginia's best barbecue.

Today is a fun-filled day of going to Bubba's for a haircut, getting my car waxed (thanks to secret shopper Spydrz), and visiting my sister, brother-in-law, and niece.

Friday night will be a family outing to the Virginia State Fair. I hope I don't lose my shirt on the pig races again this year. I swear I thought Jean Claude Van Ham was due for a win last time.


Anonymous said...


spydrz said...

Didn't know Bubbas had a website. Loved Karl's cell phone ringer though.

As for the Racing Pigs, I prefer Spamela Anderson or Britney Spareribs.

Kate The Great said...

You get the gold star today for making me laugh out loud.

Have a good time on your trip and don't forget to tell people you're a BMF.

Michelle said...

great post! I was just talking about broccoli cheese soup in a bread bowl last night.

good luck with the job search.

ps - our school does have it's own water!

Anonymous said...

Call me ignorant: what's MSY?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, my dream vacation is EWR. Didn't we go to that casino? "Newark, Newark"?

No wait, that was "Denny's, Denny's."

spydrz said...

I still have "LTN" on one of my suitcases.

Anonymous said...

Micah, your Buckeyes better get their egos in check by October 15th. The Spartans are manhandling Illinois right now. They just scored a touchdown using two consecutive plays splitting the QB out as a receiver and snapping it to a receiver lined up as a running back. It's 31-7 going into halftime.

Anonymous said...

Make that 38-7.

Micah said...

kristine - It could be worse, I guess. And, no floaters!

anon - That was an actual pig. There were names new (Christina Hoguilara) and old (One Hung Too Low) at this year's races.

spydrz - Yes, nobody rocks like Karl, with his KISS ringtone.

CB - "Make me beautiful, Karl."

KtG - Thanks to you, the world knows I'm a BMF whenever I reach for my wallet.

michelle - Thanks!

Shamrock - $1 for a dance? What a bargain!

Dubin - It will be the Clash of the Titans. The Bucks whupped the defending Big 10 (er, 11) champs Iowa today, 31-6. We needed that.

jasdye said...

ummm... Michigan State may be on an upswing (boy, my face is red), but chopping down the Illiniwek is no indication of greatness. look at the Bears' handling of Detroit last weekend. do you possibly think that'll happen again? (then again, we are in the exhaustedly depleted NFC North.)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm not saying Michigan State is Big 11 title material, I'm just saying it's not gonna be a cakewalk for the Bucks.

Anonymous said...

going all the way back to Shamrock's use of MSY; No one should ever be allowed to use airport designations if they have not (a) worked more than 9 months in commercial aviation or a related field/industry or (b) traveled extensively (and regularly) for business (and in some instances, pleasure).

Anonymous said...

I think "BWI", "JFK", and "LAX" are part of the popular lingo, and therefore acceptable for use by laymen. "MSY" perhaps is not.

Of course, I've spent time at DCA, IAD, BWI, EWR, ORD, MDW, DTW, MSP, LAS, LAX, PHX, OKC, CLE, PIT, PHI, SEA, CVG, MCI, ATL, IAH, HOU, DFW, AUS, and ILE to name a few, but dropping "names" like that makes me cool, right?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot PBI, SNN, CLT, STL, CDG, and TLV.

jasdye said...

what the heck is BWI?

DFW and ORDare fairly familiar.

what's the code in branson?

Micah said...

Dubin - What's the code for Bosnia? You can't forget that one.

jasdye - Baltimore Washington International Airport. Cheaper than Dulles and Reagan, but only a little bit farther away.

Personally, I'm down with the RIC.

Micah said...

Aero nerd.

Anonymous said...

OK, so I've been to TZL (Tuzla International, Bosnia-Herzegovina) and YQX (Gander, Newfoundland, Canada, en route to Bosnia). Also BGR (Bangor, Maine).

Hee hee. Aero nerd. That's funny.