Tuesday, September 13, 2005

New TV shows!

The fall TV season is finally here. "The Simpsons" started early (woo-hoo!). More "Family Guy" (freakin' sweet!). Suprisingly, there's not a new "Law & Order" or "CSI" spin-off. Anyway, there's several shows that I'm interested in, but it's kind of hard to get involved in a series knowing that some networks (*cough*FOX*cough*) will cancel them after 4 or 5 episodes if they don't pull in good ratings. So, here's what I'll be giving a chance:

"Rome" (HBO) - Next to mythology, history was the best part of Latin class. Loves me a good Roman epic (going to pick up the Ben-Hur DVD this week, in fact), so I'm in. Unwatched episodes in the DVR: 3.

"Prison Break" (FOX) - Interesting premise and good buzz. Unwatched episodes in my DVR: 4.

"The Showbiz Show with David Spade" (Comedy Central) - DS doing what he does best: sarcastically rips on celebs.

"Kitchen Confidential" (FOX) - I love the Anthony Bourdain book that this was based on.

"How I Met Your Mother" (CBS) - The return of Doogie Howser. The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly included a DVD with this show's pilot, along with the first episode of...

"Everybody Hates Chris" (UPN) - Chris Rock's funny when he's not in movies. Now I just need to figure out which channel is UPN.

"Reunion" (FOX) - Trashy night-time soap, I'm sure, but what the hell. Unwatched episodes in my DVR: 1.

"My Name Is Earl" (NBC) - Jason Lee is my favorite He's-Too-Cool-To-Be-A-Scientologist-But-He-Is-One celebrity. Brodie is a hero of mine, so I'll check it out.

"Head Cases" (FOX) - Crazy lawyers? Yep.

Sounds like a lot of shows, right? Well, most of them won't survive the season, I'm sure. At least I still have "24," "Scrubs," and "Arrested Development."

One to Avoid: "The War at Home." I gave it a shot because I dig Michael Rapaport. Despite his presence and his TV wife's nice rack, it SUCKED. Note to network execs: I know when I should laugh. A laugh track is not needed.

Doesn't Look Interesting, But...: "Commander in Chief". I'm only recording this because part of it was filmed at the Best College Ever.


Anonymous said...

What are you waiting for on Prison Break?! I didn't think I'd like it, but it's actually pretty good. It's the type of show that sucks you in right away because it's so off the wall.

Also a fan of the book Kitchen Confidential is based on. Favorite quote: Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

Now, get to those 4 shows!

Kate The Great said...

gasp! No Desperate Housewives? I am married to that show. There should be some kind of outpatient therapy to help viewers cope in the off season. Good story line, lots of bitchiness and, well, for you there's a little bit of T and A.

GMadrid said...

Why is Scrubs not coming back until winter or late fall? That is just craziness. You need to watch LOST. It is addicting and well written TV.

Panthergirl said...

I love "Rome". Make sure to take note of the graffiti in episode 3. Hilarious.

Micah said...

anon - I remember dragging my feet on "24" and finally watched the premiere for season 4 - HOOKED. By your description, "Prison Break" could be along the same lines. I may do a marathon viewing this weekend.

KtG - I dunno. Despite the eye candy, that show just doesn't seem all that appealing to me. Maybe I'm prejudging it based on the title, but infidelity doesn't do anything for me.

GMadrid - I've heard that NBC's reason for the delay is that Zach Braff is shooting a movie; I've also heard that Braff would've been done in time for the series to resume this fall. It's up to you on who you want to believe, but I will say this: NBC treats "Scrubs" like a red-headed stepchild. The show is owned by Buena Vista/Disney (which also owns ABC), so I think that's a big factor in NBC's promotional and programming decisions.

As for "Lost" - eh. Maybe I'll rent the first season sometime, but I just don't feel like jumping into that show now.

panthergirl - Is the graffiti by any chance "The people called Romans they go the house"? (Gotta love the occasional semi-obscure Monty Python reference)

Kris - Get with the program, girl!

jasdye said...

o, my, goodness. i watched a good forty-five minutes of Fox's Sunday night. i was so angry.

i know that the simpsons are getting redundant and tired, but shouldn't the season opener be at least funny and somewhat fresh? (although the plug for this upcoming sunday's did make me laugh, even if they already played the homer's pants riding up his crack before. a few times)

the war at home suck-diddly-ucked! the show would've been middling if not for the laff-track. but the laff-track was *ahem* derailing.

Micah said...

jasdye - I thought that this week's "Simpsons" wasn't bad. It's a given that the show is a shell of its former self, but last season the quality improved some. Maybe it's time for it to be put out to pasture, but as long as it is still on TV, I'll be watching.

CB - Don't go knocking "AD." That is a quality show.

I was taken aback when I saw the first promo for "KC" months ago because last I heard it was going to be a movie (with Brad Pitt!). But that fell through obviously. Yes, the show will be toned down, but my hopes are high for this series...