Monday, September 12, 2005

The power of Christ compels see this movie

I like the occasional horror flick. And most movies that feature demonic possession, Satanism and the like scare the bejesus out of me (Satanism + little kids = CREEPY). The Exorcist? Forget it. Scary as hell. The Omen - It still freaks me out. Even Rosemary's Baby gives me the willies. I've had the Showtime movie Possessed (about the case The Exorcist was based on) sitting in my DVR for months now, but can't bring myself to watch it.

I'm torn about The Exorcism of Emily Rose. I want to see it, yet there's that whole I'm-a-wuss thing. Heck, I quickly change the channel when one of the movie's TV spots comes on. But I've got a morbid fascination with the subject.

I wonder if I can persuade the theater manager to leave the lights on.


GMadrid said...

Damn Micah!!!

The "I'm-a-wuss thing" almost made me pee myself. I understand completely, as I have seen most scary movies through my fingers. I only go if I am dragged kicking and screaming or a hot woman is asking me to go.

Leaving the lights on doesn't help because then everyone can see your face when you end up screaming like a girl. :)

Micah said...

It's mostly just the possession-related movies, although I'm not really a fan of excessive gore (unless it's a good zombie movie).

But, yeah, I'm a total wuss.

jasdye said...


although i do want to see this one. not quite sure why...

possibly because it treats the spiritual world with some sort of respect and not as just another point of exploitation, as most recent 'horror' films have.

not that there's anything wrong w/ funny exploitation.

Hasselback said...

You Sir, seem to be suffering from an acute case of "vaginitis." Go see the damned movie. You wouldn't be whining this much if I still lived in Columbus.


PS Good luck with the training bra. I hear that bandaids can help if your nipples start to chafe.


Kate The Great said...

Hey George. Stop knocking my genitalia!

M- I've already blogged about how I want to see it. I've watched both a trailer and a clip at work within the past week. Both times I ended up shrieking in the newsroom and tossing my headphones off and scooting away from my desk.

None of my coworkers will go see it with me.

DMoney and I are trying to get the courage to go see it during daylight hours. Too bad you live north of Kings Island or we could make it a threesome.

Hey, she and I are heading to C-bus next month to see an OSU game... We'll have to rendezvous.

Hasselback said...

KTG: Oh, no knock intended. I was simply attempting to diagnose a medical condition. :)

Anyway, drag that boy out of the house to see some movies. Ever since I left the C-bus he can't find anyone to go to the geek films.

Micah said...

KtG - Threesome? With you and D? Uh, SURE! And we'll definitely have to get together when you two come to Cowtown.

George - Kinda hard to just get up and go to the movies with her, since she lives 2 hours away. You need to get your rice-eating ass back to the States for some geek cinema (chicks usually don't dig comic book and sci-fi movies).

Hasselback said...

"Rice eating"???

Homeboy, you needs to get with the times. I put down my chopsticks and switched to mangoes in banna-leaves now.

Actually, being a tourist-trap for Japan, our little island paradise does have quite a bit of Japanese food here.

And I'm never coming back...heh.

Panthergirl said...

My daughter saw it and loved it. She said it was scary, but not the typical exorcist-horror movie. She said it was primarily a courtroom drama.

Micah said...

George - Do you drive a tricked-out Honda Civic now?

KPMD - Leave it to you to bring the funny. You'd think that I wouldn't have this affliction, what with the porn wing that I've been building onto my house. If you could write a prescription for getting laid for me, I'd appreciate it.

panthergirl - That's what I've heard (that it's more of a courtroom drama and has been promoted as otherwise).

Hasselback said...

KPMD: Hmm, I would have to agree with your diagnosis. Sounds serious.

Micah: No, no rice burner. Just a POS SUV that looks like hell. I call it "Blackula" to be quirky.

Micah said...

You own an evil SUV? *GASP* Oh, wait - you're not in America. It's cool, then.

jasdye said...

forget that! try living with two roommates who are always hosting the mangina dialogues and are saddened by the fact that you can't join in the weepy discussions.

micah just needs a hug.

by a girl.

Micah said...

A hug would be a nice start. :)

jasdye said...

a hug from a girl.

a pretty one.

in her twenties or early thirties, preferably.

there. i got the ball rolling. it's yours from here on out.