Thursday, September 08, 2005

More On Trivia

I became an avid listener of Glenn Beck's radio show last year after I got burnt out on Howard Stern's incessant tirades against Bush and the FCC (valid points, but where was the comedy?). One of the features of Beck's program that I like is "More On Trivia", which coincides with the NFL season. Every Friday he calls convience store employees located in each city that is playing in the week's Monday Night Football game and asks them questions about politics, current events, and other stuff. Well, it started up again today and was quite funny (Q: "What is the acronym for the Federal Emergency Management Agency?" A: "Uh, the FBI."). He'll be playing it again tomorrow.

And for those who'd like to help out the victims of Katrina, but would also like to get something in return, check out Beck's disaster relief auction. There's some pretty cool stuff listed


spydrz said...

I only get to hear him once in a while now that I'm underemployed again. It sucks because he's hilarious.

Micah said...

I am underemployed, as well, but at least I'm allowed to listen to my walkman. There's no other way I'd be able to get through this job, if not.

Anonymous said...

Why couldn't Howard have stuck to making fun of High-Pitched Eric and throwing bologna at strippers' asses?