Thursday, September 01, 2005

That's equivalent to almost a half hour in the VIP Room

It cost $42 to fill up my car today. That's almost a day's worth of work (after taxes - yeah, it's a shitty job). But as bad as I think that I have it, my dad's got to be hurting. Earlier this year he bought a Ford Excursion, which has a 44 gallon gas tank. Using the Official Micah World Gas Price Calculator, at today's price ($3.09 9/10 per gallon) it would cost him $136.56 to gas up. Youch!


jasdye said...

as an official suv hater, i can only say one thing:

Ha Ha!

has to fill that thing up every ten miles, too.

and please don't tell me it's patriotic to have a gas guzzler, when all that money is going to filthy-rich saudis who fuel terrorists hatred (and sometimes their pocket-books).

GMadrid said...

Hey Micah,

It is wicked crazy here in Mass too. There is a fun website that tells you the lowest prices in your area. Hopefully that will help. My Jeep Cherokee cost $68 currently to fill up. I so need a need a new car.

Micah said...

jasdye - I wouldn't say it's patriotic by any means, but it's the owner's right to have these cars and the marketplace has expanded to fit the demand (yeah, I'm a big time capitalist pig). They know what they are getting into (fuel-wise) when they buy them...

CB - You pinko commie! The whole thing going on right now is NOT a supply problem (there was no need to recently release some of our country's oil reserves). It's the refineries that were wiped out by Katrina that's causing the skyrocketing prices. But you're a smart guy and I'm sure you knew that. :)

gmadrid - Thanks for the site. I'll definitely check it out.

jasdye said...

being neither sold on either capitalism or socialism, i have one thing to ask. no, two things. ehhh, i don't know.

1) in response to the good cap'n's iraq joke, i never could believe that was our reason for going to iraq. but then again, i never trusted cheney.

2) in response to micah's response to the cap'n - isn't it, by nature, a supply issue. we just can't get enough supply. regardless of the stage of production of the oil/gas.

3) no one can top chicago for gas prices.
well, at least not in the us. it's why they call us the city that works.

4) i'd expect the demand in cars to shift soon. (and the truth is, i looove to go unnecessarily fast, and quickly.)

5) i meant to write 'terrorists' hatred'.

but you knu that.

Micah said...

Yeah, I misspoke (miswrote?) when I said it wasn't a supply problem. There's not enough refined oil. Releasing crude from our nation's reserves was a feel-good measure and a mistake.

Anonymous said...

An Excursion? Is your dad on teh crack rawk or just loaded like that? I thought Ford had discontinued that behemoth 2 years ago.

Micah said...

Well, they are still listed on Ford's site. My dad bought a used one. The thing is freakin' huge - you could do ballroom dancing in it. I don't envy him, though. It's painful enough to fill up my Jetta.