Saturday, September 24, 2005

Tiny House

Just an overnight pitstop in Lexington, VA, for MandaPanda's 25th birthday party. Here's a couple of more pics:

This professor's name is humorous on three levels.

My niece locked me in her Tiny House.


spydrz said...

Happy Bday from TheLexvega$!!!

jasdye said...

three levels?

i only counted one. wait. are all three juvenile penis jokes? 'cuz if not, maybe i could catch them all.

(dr. feelgood? no?)

Anonymous said...

You should make an offer for your niece's house immediately! What, with the way the housing market is in the bullisht.

Micah said...

jasdye - Yes, they are all penis jokes. And they all make me chuckle.

THSE - No doubt. And it's portable! Word has it that the Tiny House has the exact same amount of square footage as CB's apartment in Manhatten.