Monday, September 26, 2005

My night at the Fair

On my last night in Richmond I went to the Virginia State Fair with the fam. Based on the state fairs that I've been to (VA and OH), it is always a great place to see how "the other half" lives. Case in point:

My nephew's on this ride somewhere.

Don't prejudge the fine residents of the Commonwealth based on the merchandise sold at the Fair. They aren't all rednecks. Just a whole lot of them.

Me with a big-ass turkey leg. Fetch me a flagon of something cool and refreshing.

The night was capped off at the pig races.

Surprisingly, I didn't eat anything fried or on a stick (or fried on a stick). Even so, I think I'm good for another year.


spydrz said...

My chocolate-covered funnel cake was awesome. I may still go back next week for some fried mac-n-cheese and the demolition derby.

jasdye said...

is that your blog shirt there, micah?

and your blog livestrong bracelet to match?

Micah said...

spydrz - Enjoy that. Don't forget your defibrillator.

jasdye - That is my Official Shirt now. Even though it wasn't a Big Johnson or Brew Thru shirt, I didn't feel one bit out of place at the Fair.

And, yes, I'm still keeping it real with the Livestrong.

Avid Diva said...

Pig racing. Awesome.

Please say that's related to turtle racing.

Micah said...

odderie - Well, the first few heats were pretty damn fast. But the last one - with the Vietnamese potbelly pigs - was slooooooow.