Saturday, September 10, 2005


It's official: Ohio State will lose tonight's huge match-up against Texas, 21-20. How do I know? Well, the two teams just duked it out in "EA Sports NCAA Football 2004" and the Buckeyes lost in overtime. To be fair, they may turn it around because I don't think Jim Tressel will call a boneheaded play like going for a punt rather than an extra point in overtime (something a confused Micah did while frantically pressing buttons). Also, OSU's been practicing for months now whilst I haven't even picked up this game in at least a year.

EDIT, 11:37 pm. Well, that sucks.

In other video game news, I have yet to get confirmation, but I heard that "NHL 06" comes with the ability to play the Greatest Game Ever - "NHL 94" (you know - the one the guys play in Swingers and the bane of my existence freshman year). If that is true, then I will most definitely have to pick this game up once funds become available.


Micah said...

Ha! Tim Dog definitely put you in your place with that snap.

Funny thing: I was recently talking about this game (I forget with who, but they weren't part of our college circle - probably a cousin of mine) and he made a similar remark. Must be a common problem.

Micah said...

And while we're reminiscing about college and video games...

"FIFA 96!"

GMadrid said...

I got my money on Ohio State. Go Buckeyes. Thankfully my UCONN Huskies won 59-0. (Was at the game!!!) Big game for us against Georgia Tech next weekend.

Micah said...

GMadrid - My team (Richmond) lost to Lafayette today, 7-0. Sad. But I hope OSU wins tonight. That'd make up for it. Congrats for going almost 100% in the far.

Minday - Yeah, that's pretty far off topic. Months ago I'd heard that he'd been cast. I think he's there to relieve some of Vincent D'Onofrio's post-election stress. (Seriously)

Anonymous said...

My team...errr, new team...(Michigan State) just whupped up on Hawaii, 42-14. Of course, the Rainbow Warriors were playing at their equivalent of 8:00am. And of course they were "going down" (Shamrock-style) the whole game, so that was a disadvantage. We f*cked them up, but not in the usual way. We did it by calling the RA. Of course this is all just a warm-up for Ohio State on Oct. 15th, whom the Spartans will "beat" (defined as "lose by less than 20"), much like Notre Dame and Michigan will be warm-ups.

A question: Does NHL 06 offer the option of striking for up to one whole season? And is it easier to strike going up or down?

jasdye said...

micah, i don't know. haven't checked on the scores the last couple minutes, but it was a pretty exciting game the first half.

just in case you weren't aware: '04 don't count for this year.

NHL has to include games from last decade. 'cuz there sure ain't been no games THIS millenium.

ND and Michigan as 'warm-ups' for Mich St? are we still talking football and not b-ball? or drinking games?

Micah said...

dubin - You can call them the "Rainbow Warriors" for as long as you want, but they'll always be simply the "Rainbows" to me.

Not only does "NHL 06" allow the strike option, but you also get to play as an unemployed concesson stand worker.

jasdye - I'm too cheap to buy another college football game, so I'm sticking with '04. I don't play it often enough to necessitate buying the latest and greatest. Plus, the Buckeyes were national champs then, so they are very good in the game. Why change?

VERY exciting first half. This is a great match-up. I hope the Bucks can pull it out. I'm thinking that they'll stick with Troy Smith as QB.

Anonymous said...

Of COURSE I was referring to the drinking games! Yeah, like State's gonna beat ND or Michigan in football. They may have a good football team (though not good enough to beat ND), but those smelly, pinko hippies can't put together a decent game of beer pong or flip cup.