Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Crush of the Week: Faith Hill

This week's Crush is country/pop singer Faith Hill. I'm really not a big fan of her music, although I own her Faith album - soley for the infectious "This Kiss" (really, any pop song that uses the term "centrifugal motion" in its chorus is tops with me). If I were to have a personal karaoke playlist, this'd be on it. Too bad I don't have one. But I digress. Faith's definitely a looker. Since I didn't have a Crush last week, you get two pictures.

Country chicks: love 'em.

Ah, what the hell - here's another. I think she looks best with short hair.

It's - ahhh - subliminal.

I've been patiently waiting out her marriage to Tim McGraw. It's taking freakin' forever. Why can't she take a page from the Zellweger playbook?


Captain Backfire said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! After a few weeks of moderately questionable Crushes of the Week, you've finally pulled a Stella and gotten your groove back. She can do cute, she can do hot, and she's got a set of pipes to boot.

spydrz said...

You know I dig the short hair.

Anonymous said...

Yes, she's like a hot, musical Don King (subliminal, centrifugal, splendiferous).

And unlike Don King, she can pull off any hairstyle.

KPMD said...

Yeah, she's hot...I hate her. That doesn't stop me from having "Cry" in my MP3 player, she just always looks so...damn...good. Definitely, hate her.

Micah said...

I knew that this week's selection would soothe you naysayers.

CB - Thanks for your approval.

spydrz - She can definitely pull off the long hair look, but I like her best during her Faith era.

Dubin - That's not all. In the beginning of her career, she promoted middleweight fights. Her most famous boxer was Kid Gorgeous (aka Kid Presentable aka Kid Gruesome aka Kid Moe).

KPMD - Feel the jealously...

Kate The Great said...

What- no personal karaoke set list?

I'm always editing my greatest hits. Latest add: Proud Mary.

I think Faith looks pretty good with the brown hair, too.

Micah said...

Well, the beach house my Dad rented earlier this year had a karaoke machine and I gave it a spin, totally butchering "Baby One More Time." Boy, was I bad. I don't even think Japanese businessmen would put up with my singing.