Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Crush of the Week: Faith Hill

This week's Crush is country/pop singer Faith Hill. I'm really not a big fan of her music, although I own her Faith album - soley for the infectious "This Kiss" (really, any pop song that uses the term "centrifugal motion" in its chorus is tops with me). If I were to have a personal karaoke playlist, this'd be on it. Too bad I don't have one. But I digress. Faith's definitely a looker. Since I didn't have a Crush last week, you get two pictures.

Country chicks: love 'em.

Ah, what the hell - here's another. I think she looks best with short hair.

It's - ahhh - subliminal.

I've been patiently waiting out her marriage to Tim McGraw. It's taking freakin' forever. Why can't she take a page from the Zellweger playbook?


spydrz said...

You know I dig the short hair.

Anonymous said...

Yes, she's like a hot, musical Don King (subliminal, centrifugal, splendiferous).

And unlike Don King, she can pull off any hairstyle.

Micah said...

I knew that this week's selection would soothe you naysayers.

CB - Thanks for your approval.

spydrz - She can definitely pull off the long hair look, but I like her best during her Faith era.

Dubin - That's not all. In the beginning of her career, she promoted middleweight fights. Her most famous boxer was Kid Gorgeous (aka Kid Presentable aka Kid Gruesome aka Kid Moe).

KPMD - Feel the jealously...

Kate The Great said...

What- no personal karaoke set list?

I'm always editing my greatest hits. Latest add: Proud Mary.

I think Faith looks pretty good with the brown hair, too.

Micah said...

Well, the beach house my Dad rented earlier this year had a karaoke machine and I gave it a spin, totally butchering "Baby One More Time." Boy, was I bad. I don't even think Japanese businessmen would put up with my singing.