Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Free Music Tuesday: Haynes Boys

I have several all-time favorite songs* and one of them is "Bitters Past" by the Haynes Boys (Tim Easton's band before he went solo), off of their excellent - and only - CD Guardian Angel. It is so great that it's the only song I'm offering this week. It has one of the best couplets ever ("I don't want to grow old drinking/But I want to grow old drinking with you")

So leave your request in the comments section and I'll e-mail the song to you. Also, check out Tim's site (linked above) - he's got a whole live show available for download. Great stuff. He recently played 4 shows in one weekend here in his native Columbus - I didn't go to any of them. That's living below the poverty line for you.

*"Dixie Chicken," "I Hope That I Don't Fall in Love With You"


Anonymous said...

Gimme music. make more blog.

Micah said...

Just sent it out to you. I made two posts today and you want more?! Maybe I'll make more blog later. Right now I have to make beef jerky.

Anonymous said...

remember, I am holed up in my hideout and unable to leave (except for emergencies, like Midweek Melancholy and the acquisition of Cisco). I need constant stimulus. As it stands, I have rearranged the contents of my refrigerator 6 times since yesterday morning.

Thus, Make More Blog.