Tuesday, July 19, 2005

HHI: One particular harbour

My brother had to get stamps for some bills that he had to send out, so I tagged along with him and his girlfriend to the general store. As we were waiting in line, a stock guy pushing a loaded dolly tried to pass. The next thing I know crates of Gatorade and cigarettes are falling on my brother's chica, injuring her ankle. The manager of the general store rushed over, worried as hell. He offered her a free t-shirt (so she wouldn't sue), but she declined and gave assurances that she wouldn't be litigating. My brother did get his stamps comped, though (total value: $3.75). And in related news, I found a finger in my pina colada.

Beaches. Without Bette Midler.

Finally saw the beach today. Ah, it was nice. My brother dug a hole and sat in it. No sunburn...yet. And I saw parrots (not at the beach).

Smack is on me tonight, guys.

When most people think of Hilton Head, they think of two things: jazz and Thai food. We went to a jazz club tonight. There I had some excellent Seafood Thai Curry. And both my cousin and brother-in-law sat in with the band for a few songs (on alto sax and drums, respectively). They each did a great job. Really swingin' cats. It has been a long time since I've seen some live jazz. This club was devoid of smoke, which kind of killed the atmosphere. When I go to a jazz club, I fully expect to remove about 3 years off of my life expectancy. Bummer. But hearing the music, I was reminded of one of my favorite "Strangers With Candy" quotes, said by Jazzy - the hep jazz cat stereotype band teacher: "There's only three things I know that can cause a person to wail so mournfully: Lack of heroin, someone makin' off with your junk, and not havin' heroin."

Okay, here's another one: "Charlie Parker once said to me, 'Jazzy, shut up and give me some heroin.'"


Anonymous said...

Everyone knows that Heroin is the performing musician's Gatorade or Wheaties.

now, enough pictures of dudes and exotic fowl...let's see some quality broads.

Anonymous said...

Why the hell would you decline a free t-shirt?!?!

jasdye said...

was it your finger?

was it still attached?


Micah said...

heartbreak - Unlike your typical spring break destination, this place isn't exactly teeming with inebriated coeds. No pics just yet.

kris - Beats me. I'd at least have gotten a hat.

benoit - Thanks for stopping by!

kate - Heh heh. Similar to the Wendy's chicken nugget lady, my discovery is also a hoax. At least I didn't start legal proceedings.

jasdye - See above.

jasdye said...

awwww, micah.

thanks for getting my hopes up and dashing them to the ground!


Anonymous said...

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jasdye said...

what subject?? poopey-heads?

man, i wonder who responds to these dumb-* ads?

but on the other hand, free health info...

Micah said...

Unknown - Uh, thanks. I bet you say that to all the boys.