Saturday, July 16, 2005

Gone fishin'

Well, folks, in about 7.5 hours I will be on a jet to Hilton Head, SC. A vacation from vacation, of sorts. So there may be no blog for two weeks. Although maybe I'll be able to locate a cheap (preferably free) wifi hotspot down there and do an update or two.

Look for me on the Salty Dog Cafe webcam. I'll likely be there most nights, as long as my brother's buying.

What's in my beach bag, you ask?
-sunblock because I burst into flames whenever I go out into the sun
-issues of Reason, Esquire, Men's Journal, and Blender
-Spider-man band-aids (I cut my finger chopping onions the other night)
-mp3 player
-lots o' water
-beach chair
-J.Crew beachtowel to let people know how I roll
-sandals (er, actually on my feet, not in the bag)
-hats (cowboy, Orioles, Nationals)
-binoculars (to look at...uh, wildlife)
-digital camera (to take pictures of...uh, wildlife)
-Silent Bob Speaks, The Serpent and the Rainbow, Fargo Rock City, Arrogance, The Eyre Affair, Peace Kills, Dancing Naked in the Mind Field, The Making of a Chef, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, and Sleeping With the Devil (I'm under no illusion that I'll read them all; it's just nice to have options)

I'll be talking to y'all in two weeks, if not sooner.


spydrz said...

Have a good trip to HH!

Anonymous said...

fool, you gotta do it in airport code; HHI!

what with you going on vacation, Micah, who am I going to demand to make more blog?

The comment page for your last entry before vacation will be a log of my descent into madness.

Micah said...

spydrz - Thanks!

heartbreak - You never know - I may make more blog. Just a whole lot more infrequently. I look forward to reading about you delving into the void.

Anonymous said...

This Blog Withdrawal Shall Endure -Day One:

1139 - swam a couple laps at the pool.

1345 - showered

1400 - took a nap

1700 - cannot account for time between waking up from nap and now.

1705 - plan to rock back and forth in the corner until Big Brother starts at 2000 hrs.

Kate The Great said...

Have a great time. Don't get too burned, because we'll be spending plenty of time in the sun in Sin City.

I know you say you don't do pools, but hey, there's always the wildlife.

Micah said...

And in Vegas, I'll be in full safari mode.