Friday, July 15, 2005

Snap back to reality (TV)

As much as I am loathe to say it, I am actually enjoying some of the vapid reality fare on TV this summer.

"Hell's Kitchen": Chef Gordon Ramsay is what our friends in the UK would refer to as an arse (Thanks, Donald Trump!). But it is fun to watch him turn up the heat. Dewberry, I miss you.

"The Next Food Network Star": Quite possibly the friendliest reality show ever. No backstabbing or two-faced plotting. No illicit hot tub hook-ups. No bitchy confessionals. How refreshing! My boy Eric was robbed.

"Average Joe: The Joes Strike Back": Always good to see the little guy get a shot at a hottie, but I recognize that this show is pure fantasy. The previous two editions showed that women are just as superficial as men (at least we admit it). This time around the babe (Anna) is cute, but not a stunner like the last two. But she does have the best rack. Well, she does. And a tip for my female readers: despite your best intentions, guys don't like to be called "sweet" - a word all too often thrown at the Joes before they are cast off.

"Beauty and the Geek": Oddly enough (or maybe not), this turned out to be my favorite of the four. Probably because it wasn't a dating show, but a "social experiment" (as it was billed). No forced hook-ups or awkward dates (well, I guess there were one or two of those). Truthfully, the women were attractive, but not the End All Be All of Female Beauty as the producers would have you believe. And some of the guys really weren't all that nerdy. Richard annoyed the hell out of me, though.

Despite watching the above, I still maintain my hatred of the reality genre.


Anonymous said...

BaTG had its moments. Some of the dudes weren't all that geeky, and some of the chicks weren't nearly as clueless as we were lead to believe (i.e. Mindy "Clutch" Sorority Girl).

I've watched AJ less and less since the original. By now we all know how this train wreck is going to turn out. I'll say this much though, they're getting closer and closer with the casting of their "Joes". Some of this season's contestants are downright normal. A far cry from the freakshows of seasons past.

Rick had a great idea for overhauling AJ; add a third element. You've got your Average Joes, then you introduce the "Hunks" and THEN you introduce The Bling Boys. Yep, a bunch of really wealthy dudes. Some handsome, some not. I'd love to see how that would turn out.

Finally, did you see "Hooking Up" on ABC? Hahahaha! I love to watch people crash and burn on national television.

jasdye said...

hey, thanks for the add in the time-waster's section (that's my purpose in life), and thanks for leaving the comments.

and... i'm beginning to feel that all that can be said about reality tv can be summed up in one single showing of fear factor. gimme scripted and improvised comedy any day (btw, which one is Reno 911? i love it, when i catch it, but i can't figure if they improvise a lot, a little or not at all). even tgif is a better time waster (no, i was reading books tonight. not like i have a life anyway.)

Micah said...

FNAFDP - I like the idea for the Bling Boys. Honestly, I wouldn't mind seein an Average Jane or Beauty & the Geek where the roles are reversed. But it'll never happen.

jasdye - "Reno 911" is all improvised, methinks. Some of the outtakes on the DVDs are priceless.