Friday, July 29, 2005

HHI: Last mango in Paris

Well, today is my last full day here in Hilton Head. I feel obligated to go to the beach, since I live in a landlocked state and don't see the shore nearly as much as I'd like to. But I'm just not feeling it. Maybe I'll take a stroll over there this evening.

Tonight's meal is the annual peel and eat shrimp dinner, along with crabcakes made out of crabs that my brother has been catching for the past two weeks (the crustaceans, not the STD).

One uninteresting note: despite the fact that I've titled all of my HHI posts after Jimmy Buffett albums/songs, I have yet to listen to a single song of his on this trip (and I brought at least six of his discs).

It's going to suck to return to normal life. Hopefully, there'll be some temp assignments waiting for me now that there are no more obstacles (other than that pesky "wanting to move away from the state" thing). And then there's Micah-palooza in Vegas, which is just about three short weeks away.

Plus, one of the first things I'll do when I get home is head to Best Buy so I can pick up the new Dane Cook CD/DVD combo. I swear, next to Patton Oswalt, he's my favorite current comedian.


spydrz said...

Every time I checked out those cameras I didn't see anyone I knew...

Micah said...

We didn't go there that often this trip. I was only there on the first and last days (for lunch and a fruity drink, respectively). Due to the heat index (113 one day), outside lunch service was cancelled for the last few days of our trip.