Saturday, July 23, 2005

HHI: Volcano

My days have been extremely lazy, so there's really nothing for me to post about. How about a pic of a hot topless chick?

Put your hands together for Sarah Jane on the main stage.

My niece is going to kill me when she gets older.

Had more ribs tonight at Sticky Fingers. Two nights ago my brother, his chica, and I made crawfish etouffee for the clan. Scrumptious.

Catching up on my news, my heart goes out again to the people of London. And it sounds like W made the correct choice for his SC nominee. Power to the States!

It'd be really nice if we got OLN so's I could watch Lance Armstrong win his seventh consecutive Tour de France (added bonus: pissing off the French). Alas, I'll have to make due with the highlights. This is quite a departure from last year for me when I watched pretty much all of the television coverage. Of course, I failed the bar exam that summer. Thanks, Lance.

I'm determined to finish my second book tonight. Only have about 60 pages to go.

Currently, there's some heated family drama between my cousin and my uncle about the correct rules of Scrabble (seriously). Nothing like a meltdown over a board game.


Anonymous said...

Keep the baby away from the pole, man.

Michelle said...

your niece is adorable! cute picture.

Panthergirl said...

Cute pic!!!

So, which book did you finish and which one are you reading now?

(note the purposeful omission of any SC nominee discussion. ;) )

Micah said...

anon - Truer words were never spoken. Isn't "keeping his daughter away from the pole" Chris Rock only motivation as a parent?

michelle - She is indeed the cutest baby on the planet.

panthergirl - I knew any talk of the SC would get you riled up. I just finished The Serpent and the Rainbow - awesome book. I may even buy a copy of it (snagged this one from the library). I'll be finishing P.J. O'Rourke's Peace Kills tonight, likely. He's one of my faves - you probably wouldn't like his politics, but I'd hope you could appreciate his humor. Not sure what book I'll take on next.

Micah said...

mad - The etouffee turned out great. Not every family member was jazzed about eating crawfish. My grandmother - one of the most vocal opponents - didn't realize what she was eating and liked it.

jasdye said...

you tricked your grams? that's nasty.

yet morbidly amusing.

Kate The Great said...

Be careful, Micah. It's a slippery slope from showing off your toddler ta-tas to Girls Gone Wild.

Seriously, I know.

Anonymous said...

hardy fookin' har har. that was hilarious, Micah. Now where are the photos of HHI's true talent? Get on it, man. To quote M.O.P., "stop playing these childish games with me."

Also, today's edition of WP Express had the DC area apartment guide, so I saved you a copy.

Micah said...

jasdye - Hey, she ended up liking it.

KtG - I'm sure you would, you little harlot.

hearbreak - Thanks for getting the housing guide. I'll be putting the job search in full effect when I return to Ahia. As for the talent of HHI - it's all families. Not much for the lookin' (although there are a few).

jasdye said...

means to an end, huh?

i'd insert a joke here, but i'm either too lazy or just not ironic enough at this point.

the important thing is, i think we've all learned a lesson. if you're gonna trick grandma, make sure she likes it, or at least she's not allergic to it.

(ok, maybe ironic. but definitely not funny.)

Panthergirl said...

Oh, I love PJ O'Rourke... politics aside, of course. ;)

Then again, one of my favorite authors is Mark there ARE times when I can put my blinders on. :)