Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Free Music Tuesday: Tour de France edition

To coincide with Lance Armstrong claiming the yellow jersey and Team Discovery Channel's dramatic victory in today's team time trial stage of the Tour de France, I've a couple of cycling-related songs for you.

The first song is Queen's "Bicycle Race," naturally.

Next is John Tesh's "Road Made for Animals" off of his 1990 Tour de France: The Early Years album. I vividly remember watching CBS's Sunday coverage of the Tour with my dad and brother, back in the day. This music was the soundtrack to fast-moving images of Davis Phinney, Raul Alcala, Andy Hampsten, and Greg LeMond. It would also be played over the PA system when the Tour de Trump (later called the Tour DuPont) would have a stage or two in Richmond. So you see, my reason for having this CD is purely nostalgic. You don't have to give me crap for owning a John Tesh album.

As always, if you want either or both of these songs, leave a comment requesting them.


jasdye said...

i was just listening to bicycle race yesterday. twice.

i want to ride my bicycle, i want to ride my bike.

you say coke, i say cain,
you say john, i say wayne...

Anonymous said...

John Tesh did the old NBA theme music for NBC. That sh*t was hot. So much so that J.R. Writer (or one of the guys in Dipset) flows over it on a mixtape freestyle or whathaveyou. I have no beef with the aforementioned Mr. Tesh.

jasdye said...

Tesh is like John Williams. Give him something bombastic and epic (like the Olympics, or Darth Vader's theme, Indiana Jones, Superman), there is none better.

Subtlety is not their forte, though (Tesh's solo inspirational stuff, nearly every other movie John Williams has done).

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, I don't want either of these songs. can I have some more keri noble instead? she's pretty and that song from last week is pretty damn good.

Micah said...

jasdye - I actually like some of John Williams' quieter Star Wars pieces, but overall I agree with you.

heartbreak - Check your mail. I'm sending you two more Keri Noble songs.

Kate The Great said...

I just wanna know, did you see Sheryl, and what was she wearing?

I want to be Sheryl Crow when I grow up.

Well, except for that whole homewrecker thing.

Micah said...

All you wanna do is have some fun?