Monday, July 04, 2005

Hooray for America!

Happy 4th of July! Grill out some hotdogs, watch some fireworks, chill with the fam, and enjoy some All-American entertainment. May I suggest some music, a movie, a TV show, or a book? If you don't enjoy those, you're a Communist.

(For some reason, I have a renewed interest in Captain America lately, despite a current flaw with the character and the fact that I've always found his boots to be a bit fruity. And does this restaurant remind anyone of AmericaTown from "The Simpsons"?)


spydrz said...

Restaurant=copyright infringement?

Also, when I think of "American Style Food," I don't think of vegetarian. Hmmm. Any ghetto fake American place I've eaten in over there has had steaks, pizza, and fried chicken.

jasdye said...

and apparently, they don't have apostrophes in ireland, either. or at least captain americas ireland.

ok. captain america, blah. music, great (if it's anything like pet sounds, one of the best albums i've ever heard). movie, lame (4th of july or no 4th of july). tv show, always good for an afternoon hoot, i'll tell you what. book, mmmm i dunno - dave's been perpetually slipping. his words craftsmanship is usually awesome and would get a chuckle out of me, but certainly the last couple years before he semi-retired, he relied too heavily on lazy reporting of lazy gadgets. i don't know if reading a whole book of that would be interesting. then again, it can't be worse than reading a whole book of david sedaris' stuff. (ok, i get it already, you're gay.)

michael medved, do i even need to say? (marvel has unprecedented power and sway over impressionable minds? captain america is their flagship character? who the flip even knows who cpt. america is anymore? more people know deputy dawg.)

Micah said...

tblue - Thanks! Glad you stopped by.

spydrz - I'm assuming the restaurant got a license, because how can Marvel not find out about it by doing a Google search? Then again, it is foreign and they have very different IP laws than the US.

jasdye - CA is an American icon. Show some respect. SMiLE is an incredible album (but doesn't eclipse Pet Sounds. I couldn't think of any other decent Revolutionary War-era movies - I like The Patrio, even though it includes one of the CHEESIEST pieces of dialogue ever. That Dave Barry book's been out for quite a while, so it's still within his Golden Era.

easy - I'm no Medved cheerleader and I haven't read the CA books in question (though a quick scan of reviews on Amazon seem to agree with his view) - I did put them on reserve at the library. The roots of terrorism should be discussed, but I think within the issues of Captain America is the wrong forum. The character is a symbol of all that is great about our country and making America out to be the bad guy is not contrary to what the comic is all about. Save this stuff for the X-Men, where America's darker side is more fitting and expected (i.e. treatment of mutants = treatment of minorities). Of course, it's been ages since I've read that comic. Maybe we all just get along now.

Micah said...

It should read "is contrary" in the above.

jasdye said...

I think i'm angry with the 'patriot' partly because it made me cry. cheap exploitation ('daddy, don't weave me, pweeze!').

i don't think anything could eclipse 'pet sounds.'

about Cpt. America, isn't anybody else disturbed that he's like, wearing the flag?

Micah said...

Well, I guess technically, ol' Cap'n is just wearing blue, with a few stripes and big star. Not exactly the flag, per se.

But it reminds me of years ago when my grandma bought me a pair of American flag boxer shorts. My grandpa (a WWII veteran, I might add) was none too happy about it.