Wednesday, July 27, 2005

HHI: Coconut Telegraph

Time's running out here in HHI. A very brief recap of the past few days: a murder mystery dinner (I was the killer), Christmas in July, and the biggest steak I've ever eaten.

Merry Christmas

Within two days, I finished my fifth book - Chuck Klosterman's Fargo Rock City. He gives heavy metal more analysis than the genre deserves, but it is hilarious. Run, don't walk to the bookstore to get it.

Last night, the whole damn family (all 20 of us) chartered a bus and took a trip to Savannah, GA, for dinner at celebrity chef Paula Deen's Lady & Sons. And it was a great buffet: fried chicken, fried ribs, mac & cheese, collard greens, cabbage, beef stew, and butter with mashed potatoes. The sweet tea had a sprig of mint in it. And I'm ashamed to say that it took me 29 years to get the chance to eat a hoe cake. Our waitress was the Southern Belle that I've been looking for except that she possesses one quality that removes her from my list: she currently resides in Georgia (this is not a slam on GA, but rather my finicky notion not to relocate for a girl).

What's on the beach house's playlist, you ask? Well, I'll break it down for you:
Heavy Rotation:
-Jack Johnson In Between Dreams
-Jude King of Yesterday*
-Donavan Frankenreiter
-Jimmy Cliff The Harder They Come (Deluxe Edition)
Medium Rotation:
-Coldplay's latest (my brother's a huge fan)
-David Bowie Changesbowie
Light Rotation:
-Beach Boys Pet Sounds
-Fountains of Wayne Welcome Interstate Managers
-Queen Greatest Hits
-Jon Brion I Heart Huckabees soundtrack

Also a quick shout-out to Bullfrog sunscreen. Every time I step out into the sun, I tend to burst into flames, thanks to the Clan Keith blood pumping through my veins. But I've averaged a beach trip every other day these past two weeks and I have yet to get a sunburn. I think's it's all about the Bullfrog. Big ups to Phil for recommending the stuff.

*Every now and then an album comes along that totally consumes me. This is the latest. It is one of those criminally overlooked records (I just got it this month and I'm a big fan of Jude's first two albums). It didn't help that it was released on September 11, 2001. But go and buy it. Your quality of life will certainly be raised if you do.


jasdye said...

do you honestly believe a southern belle would move to ohio? nobody moves to ohio.

and dc? maybe if she was southern white tr...

oops, hi grandma. no, i wasn't saying anything... nothing offensive, for sure.

Kate The Great said...

"nobody moves to ohio."


People are flocking to this bastion of conservative thought in droves, including myself.

I was just bummed to find Pete Rose off the market once I got here.

Kate The Great said...


Micah, you're really bumming me out about the whole Paula Deen thing. My sister ate there last month.

Damn you all to hell.

Micah said...

jasdye - Well, I moved to Ohio, so that should say something. Then again, I'm trying to leave...

KtG - It was some good cookin', I tell you what. Paula never showed, though. Word has it that she was off filming her Christmas special. And my mom was crushed - CRUSHED - to find out that PD doesn't film her show in Savannah. It's actually produced in Gordon Elliott's house in upstate NY (he added that kitchen specifically for her). And the dogs on the show? Yep, they're GE's, too.

Destiny said...

Hey..Ohio isn't that bad, and I don't even live there! However..maybe someday I'll flock to that state...mainly for more job opportunities..if they arise! West Virginia is too much of a retirement state with a little bit of a hometown twitch!

jasdye said...

i'm sorry. i shouldn't make fun of people's home states.

but since none of you are from there...

spydrz said...

Micah-your mom didn't know that? That's too bad. Although it *is* a nice kitchen.

herodotus said...

M- Glad to hear that you appreciate Jude. I've inferred that you are a man with... shall we say... particular taste, and this confirms it. Jude was a regular on my limited playlist in China...and I never tired of it. You know, it says something about a person's soul when he digs good music.

Micah said...

Destiny - Hey, folks: let's all gang up on the West VA chick! Just kidding. It's the butt of MANY jokes (trust me, I've lived in VA and OH), but it is rather pretty.

spydrz - Yep, she was totally clueless. It's sad to see the magic of television be destroyed for someone. I remember when I found out that Knight Rider wasn't real...

herodotus - You officially make the only other person that I've ever met that's ever even heard of Jude, much less dig him. Great minds. Thanks for the compliment.