Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Crush of the Week: Rachael Leigh Cook

This week's Crush is actress Rachael Leigh Cook. Ever since I saw her get medieval with a frying pan in that anti-drug PSA, I knew she was all that.

Kiss me.

I haven't seen much of her lately. It looks like she's sticking with mainly indie stuff since the dismal Josie and the Pussycats. Someone call Freddie Prinze, Jr. stat!


Anonymous said...

I like RLC because (1)she's good-looking and (2) she starred in one of the greatest comedies/fantasies of all time, She's All That.

The fact that they tried to pass her off as unattractive in that movie was entertaining beyond words;

FPJ: Awww man, she's got glasses and sensible clothes such! What a drag! Who would ever go out with an art geek like that? Okay Paul Walker, I'll take you up on your bet and I'll make her hot or prom queen or whatever the hell the premise is for this lame a** movie."


I still pray to stumble upon a hot chick who doesn't realise it. By the time she figures out that she could do better than me, I will have gotten everything I could ever hope for (and photographic evidence to prove that I dated a hot chick!)

Micah said...

She's All That was very unintentionally funny. The "Before Rachael" was quite attractive (everyone already knows my feelings about women with glasses, so I'll spare you). I've only seen the edited for TV version on USA, so maybe I'm missing some key part where it explains Freddie's character has severe glaucoma or something.

And every attractive woman that I've ever met has always seemed to know that she's attractive. I had a similar dream as you, but I gave up on it long ago.

jasdye said...

but you guys are missing the point:
all ugly girls are really pretty girls waiting for the right hairdo.

it doesn't get any simpler than that. or more romantic.