Monday, August 15, 2005

Big tempin'

Blogging may be a bit sporadic for a while since, after a month and a half of waiting, my temp agency finally found an assignment for me. It's good to be working (and making some money), but I'm less than enthused to be at the place where I am. First off, I accepted the assignment even though it is paying me considerably less than my requested minimum hourly wage. Also, minus mandatory breaks and lunch, I'm only working for 6.5 hours. And most importantly, it is going to be mind-numbingly dull: scanning legal documents. That's it. At least I get to bring in my mp3 player. And the dress code is super casual.

My contact at the place said that this project will be ongoing for about 8-9 months. I swear, if I'm there for 8 months, I give you, dear reader, permission to take me into the woods, tell me about the rabbits, and then put a bullet through my skull.

The place is being monitored by a couple of FBI agents, so they probably wouldn't take too kindly to me updating my blog at work, much less checking my e-mail. And then I leave for Vegas on Thursday, so this may be a light week at Micah World.


Kate The Great said...

What, you won't risk your time on the clock and your proximity to two Fibbies to update your blog? What a sellout.

Seriously. Looking forward to this weekend. So is MacBoob.

spydrz said...

I feel your pain about the temp business. If I'm still where I am in eight months, I'll need to be put out to pasture.

Micah said...

KtG - The only things that'll keep me going at this job are thoughts of Vegas. And MacBoob, of course. I got my Vegas Haircut today! It's same as my regular one, only it is distinguished by its proximity to the Vegas trip.

spydrz - Is that s subtle hint for a murder-suicide pact? Really, it's the only way.

Anonymous said... fools got no heart. I spent damn near three years in the temp gulag. I've done it all, short of sucking d*** for cocaine. On top of that, I'm still knee deep in the constant shame that is underemployment and wage-slavery.

Oh, and f*** those FBI b****es. Just write your blogs and holler, "I can't stop now, the game needs me!"

spydrz said...

Three cheers for the underemployed!!!

Panthergirl said...

Good luck with temping. Work bad, money good. I'm struggling with that one myself. ;)

jasdye said...

what? you can't blog after work like most of us? (myself excluded, of course.)