Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Free Music Tuesday: Gerald Collier

When some people are feelin' the blues, they put on the Cure or Miles Davis or - I don't know - Elton John (because sad songs say so much). All fine choices, yes, but when I want to relish my depression with some countrified tear-in-my-single-malt music I reach for my Gerald Collier CDs. The guy is the master of this type of music. I swear, his acoustic I Had to Laugh Like Hell album was made for hard drinking. Here are some choice lines of his:

  • "I'm holding up my end/of the bar again" ("Forgiveness From Revenge")
  • "If I could throw a rock/I'd throw it at the sun/Hard enough to bring that bad boy down here/And laugh like hell as burns a whole through everyone/It burns a hole right through you, my dear" ("Losing Everything")
  • "I would do almost anything you told me/I'd do anything but lie/I'd blow my brains out if you asked me/I'm just that kind of guy" ("To Break the Ice")
  • "You let me know you wish that I/Had never been born/And with the strength left in your hands/I'm torn apart at the seams/Somehow it's my fault you have no dreams" ("Dark Days")
  • "My ship came in just in time for sinkin'/And now that it's gone I've got more time to get wasted/Who could as for more?" ("Who Could Ask For More")
  • "I don't want a fight/I want pills/Something strong enough/The stuff that kills" ("I'm Not Coming Back")
  • I'd like to play truth or dare/With someone who cares/I'd like to sleep around/But no one calls anymore" ("Truth or Dare")
  • "You'd think after all this time/I'd have closed the case/Opened a book of matches/And torched this place" ("Still Your Fool")
  • "Gonna sit in this chair/Drink until you're not there/Fall on the floor/Wake up and drink more" ("Bender [I'm on One]")
  • "Don't discard me on this evidence/Don't believe what's on bathroom walls/You know I'd never stay the night/You know I'm not a good time at all" ("Don't Discard Me")
  • "I was up thinking to myself last night/How much better I'd be if I'd a shot her on sight" ("Pure Lonely")

Well, you get the idea. Yesterday I wasn't in the best of moods, so I took a page from the Book of Henry Rollins (who lifts weights to ballads and sad music) and hit the gym with my mp3 player full of GC and had a good, cathartic work out.

Today I'm offering two Gerald Collier songs: "Dark Days" and "Note From a Woman to a Man." Leave me a comment requesting either or both of them and I'll e-mail them to you.

(THSE, should I just directly desposit these files into your inbox? After all, you're pretty much the only one who ever takes me up on my offer.)


spydrz said...

Send one my way. Sunday was a particulary bad day and I'm still in a funk.

spydrz said...

Dark Days is pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

Yes. do you need a routing number?

Pray tell, spydrz, why are you so funky?

Micah said...

spydrz - Glad you liked it.

thse - Sent.

jasdye said...

don't have mp3. need 'em, but that's for later, when i have money, a laptop, an iPod, etc.

my favorite line? of course:
"Don't discard me on this evidence/Don't believe what's on bathroom walls/You know I'd never stay the night/You know I'm not a good time at all"

Kate The Great said...

Micah, why the long face? So many sins to be committed in just over a week...

That's gotta count for something.

Micah said...

KtG - Yes, the prospect of possibly having my wiener touched next week does bring a smile to my face.

jasdye - Full lyrics:

Don't discard me on this evidence
Don't believe what's on bathroom walls
You know I'd never spend the night
You know I'm not a good time at all

Don't believe everything you hear
'Cause you're gonna hear everything
You that I wasn't raised right
You know I was barely raised at all

You know I'm not above or below it

You know I'm not above or below it
And I'll be the first to fall from grace
And you know I'm not ashamed
To show up with
A little egg on my face

Don't discard me, don't discard me
You know I'm not a good time at all

Kate The Great said...

Well, Micah. I'll tell MacBoob you said that,,,

Micah said...

Ha. Well, I didn't have anyone specifically in mind, but I will be the Birthday Boy out there...