Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Free Music Tuesday: Rat Pack edition

Because of my upcoming trip to Vegas, I'm in a Rat Pack mood. I've got two classics for you this week. First up is Dean Martin's medley "Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes/I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine/I Love Vegas (Paris)," recorded live at the Sands. Also up is my favorite lesser-known Frank Sinatra song - "The Coffee Song." Leave a comment request either or both and I'll send you what you want. A ring a ding ding.

Along these lines, I'm trying to think of who will be filling the Rat Pack roles in my gang's Summit in Vegas this week. Because I was the only one to get drunk last time, I guess that makes me Dean-o (yeah, yeah - I know his inebriation was all a schtick and he actually drank applejuice on stage. Save it.). Dubin would have to be Sammy because he's Jewish (and a helluva dancer). KPMD would be Shirley MacLaine because she's our token female. Sorry, Shamrock - CB's going to have to be Frank because he's Italian and probably has more Mob connections than you. That makes Shamrock either Joey Bishop or Peter Lawford. I'll let him decide who he wants to be.


Anonymous said...

Who's going to be Emilio Estevez? Molly Ringwald? and what about Rob Lowe?

Micah said...

THSE - We'll be the Brat Pack if we hit up Atlantic City.

CB - *smacks head* Whoops! You're right - Amanda is such the sexpot.

KPMD - That's the hand you were dealt. And I really don't see you making good on that promise. You still haven't modeled your schoolgirl outfit for me.