Sunday, August 14, 2005

Jenga killed people, too

I spent this weekend in rural Ahia at our family's cabin, which is chock full of relics from an age when America wasn't bonkers for product liability litigation (and had a thing for a ridiculous outdated notion called personal responsibility).

"I'm bleeding!"

This is what used to be called a "jart." It was used in a game called "lawn darts." Fun family activity or Satanic tool of wanton destruction?


jasdye said...

the latter choice sounds like a safe bet to me, micah.

'lawn darts? bobby, that's the devil!'

Hasselback said...

Did anyone get poked with one of those things???

I think we might have a claim.


Sorry, the idea of protracted products-liability litigation brings out the evil genius in me.

GMadrid said...

Those are the best "Put your eye out" childs game ever. Catch the jart was always fun. :)