Thursday, August 25, 2005

Crush of the Week: Mandy Moore

This week's Crush is singer, actress, and all-around cutie Mandy Moore. Sure, she started out as a young Britney clone, but by releasing a mature album of well-picked covers (by the likes of XTC, the Waterboys, and Joe Jackson), she has avoided a fate worthy of the rest of her skanked-up peers.

I want to hug it out.

Unlike Mrs. Federline, Moore doesn't try to put forth a sexy (read: slutty) image, which makes her even more attractive. Plus, she kicks butt in a multi-episode story arc on "Entourage."


Micah said...

Better than Condi?!

Do yourself a favor and pick up her Coverage album (the only one I've heard). Or ask me to make an illegal copy for you.

GMadrid said...

Excellent Choice. Plus she is dating Zach Braff. Could that be a match made in heaven? At least he over done like Andy Roddick was.

Micah said...

[Johnny Carson]I did not know that.[/Johnny Carson]

They are now my new favorite celebrity couple and shall henceforth be known as Zandy.