Wednesday, August 10, 2005

"Fees, shorty. Fees."

Are there any commercials funnier than the ones featuring Poser Mobile?

Wiki wiki wiki uh uh

I think not, shorty.


Micah said...

I think the bowler one is funnier than the waiter one, but they are both hilarious.

I should've pointed out that you can download the first one at the page I linked to.

spydrz said...

They're so funny, you wonder why they didn't wait for the SuperBowl.

Hasselback said...

Having been without a TV for over a year now, I haven't seen these yet. Funnier than hell though.

Now this is an appropriate time to tell you that when I was living in Tokyo, I thought that nothing could be funnier than the Japanese hip-hop guys "freestyling" in Japanese.

Well I was wrong.

Much funnier are the local Islander kids (Chamorro) who think they're from the hood. I mean my god, this is a tropical paradise. It's about as far from the ghetto that you're going to get.

I actually asked one kid the other day who was proudly wearing a "Brooklyn" jersey if he knew where that was. Blank stare.

The struggle continues...

Micah said...

George - How the hell are ya? Maybe the kid was just taken aback by the sight of a big, drunken hillbilly questioning his attire.

Get back soon, bud - there's a bunch of geeky movies that I want to see.