Monday, August 29, 2005

Kudos to Costas

Stale news, but worth a mention: occasional Larry King Live fill-in Bob Costas recently refused to host an episode of the show centered around that missing chick in Aruba. I applaud him for his decision not to be a part of the media frenzy surrounding the latest missing attractive (white) woman. Sure, it is a tragedy for the girl's loved ones and I'm aware of the demands of programming in a world of 24 hour news channels, but why does this command so much airtime? Not to sound insensitive, but it has absolutely no bearing on my life and I'm sure there are other newsworthy events that actually have an impact on most people's lives that are going un- or underreported. But as long as the hausfraus (admittedly, like my mom and grandma) are eating these kinds of stories up, they won't go away. And Greta van Susteren's show will continue to be unwatchable.

Speaking of her, here's a funny exchange from the "Daily Show" last week (video here - it's at the 4:56 mark):

Ed Helms: It reminds me of this woman (picture of Greta), who tragically lost her daughter in Aruba, and has been down there ever since trying to find out what happened.
Jon Stewart: Ed, that was Greta Van Susteren, she's a newscaster. She's not the girl in Aruba's mother.
Ed Helms: No. No, no, no. Only a blood relative would pursue a case with that kind of single-minded obsession.



jasdye said...


i'm glad i don't have cable no mo'. i'd be watching tv all the time and yelling incessantly at it (as if my eyelids were plucked open to it, via "clockwork orange"), "Who gives a rat's asterik!?!"

GMadrid said...

Absolute riot. It was news for the first week now they are trying to make it as big as OJ's trial. Stupid Greta. I think she needs another facelift to make her realize she is no longer reporting news, but tabloid stuff.

Micah said...

jasdye - It really is ridiculous.

gmadrid - Either that or maybe she needs to attain Level 9 Scientologist status. Seemed to work for Tom Cruise - that guy's got everything in perspective.